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How to Create a Work from Home Presentation in Keynote

According to Fundera, employers can save up to $44 billion annually for offering work from home. Aside from that, as part of remote working, some jobs involve creating presentations. And currently, your boss might have asked you to create one, but don't worry because this article will help you. So chill on your desk and read the tips below in making an Apple (MAC) Keynote presentation.

1. Divide Your Topic into Chunks

If you want to pull off your pitch deck, then start with the basic rule, divide your topic into chunks. It's not as straightforward as it sounds because you need to find the vital details first. But you can do that! To illustrate, you can divide it into categories like agenda, services, and outcome.

2. Use Not More than Ten Slides

Cheers to Guy Kawasaki's 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint for teaching people tricks in creating presentations. He suggested only to create ten slides for every pitch deck. He argued that people couldn't comprehend more than ten ideas or information in one sitting.

3. Use Six Lines Per Slide

Have you ever watched a marketing presentation that's attacked with too much text? Maybe you have or haven't. But the bottom line is that putting a lot of text in one slide is never effective. So, deliberately read your topic and summarize the ideas until your presenter notes can fit into six lines or less.

4. Design It

You wouldn't wish to see your audience with dull looks and yawns that can swallow horses, right? Don't worry, you won't get there unless you create a business presentation that looks engaging! Choose your colors and typography wisely. For an easier route, choose Apple Keynote templates for your presentation, because they have designs already.


  • Does Keynote remote work without WiFi?

      Yes, your Keynote remote can work without WiFi. If there's no WiFi, you can Bluetooth connect to your iPhone or iPad.

  • Can I use Keynote on a PC?

      Using Apple Keynote on your PC is possible. If you want to use your personal computer to edit or create your Keynote presentation, you can, through an internet connection and Apple’s iWork for iCloud apps. 

  • What is the best presentation software for Mac?

      The list below are some of the best presentation software for your Mac:

      1. Apple KeyNote
      2. Deckset
      3. Google Slides
      4. Zoho Show
      5. Haiku Deck 
  • What are good stay at home jobs?

      If you hate traveling to work, you can always find a job that is stay at home. You can choose from some of the jobs below created from Millennial Money:

      1. Customer Service Representative
      2. Proofreading
      3. Online English Teaching
      4. Data Entry
      5. Laundry
      6. Affiliate Marketing
      7. Graphic Designer
      8. Tutoring
      9. Chat Agent
  • Is Keynote similar to PowerPoint?

      Yes, Keynote and PowerPoint are quite similar because you can use both of them for creating presentations. However, this doesn't mean that these two software are the same. If you wish to create a presentation that doesn't contain many designs but has rich content or text, PowerPoint is for you. On the opposite, if you want a well-designed presentation, Apple Keynote has great effects and templates, so you can use it.