Writing is indeed a dynamic profession, and almost every industry in the business needs writers in their ranks. Whether for freelance or underemployment, professional writers take pride in knowing and building their skill set, ensuring that every job posting or offer matches their experience and specialty. If you’re looking for such, then these Writer Job Description Templates are a great way to start. Each one features professionally-created sample content that you can refer to as you outline the work you are hiring for. Available in multiple file formats, these templates are 100% customizable and printable. Check them out!

How to Make a Writer Job Description

A 2017 article by the Irish Times encouraged professional writers to be their own salesperson and to ensure that they are able to maximize their skills in a professional setting. Wanted ads and companies looking for technical and content writers are a dime a dozen, especially for those with a thick resume. If you want the best talents for your company, you need to secure a solid job description for the position you are offering. Below are some tips you can keep in mind.

1. Be Specific

Since the job of a writer can sometimes be too vague or general, it is important that a job posting is specific and straightforward. That way, the applications you get are really from those who can meet the qualifications of the work required. Make sure that the title of the writing position is clear and concise, along with the rest of the information in the job description.

2. Outline All Necessary Qualifications

Present a list of the qualifications that the job needs. Include details such as educational background, professional experience, and certifications. This will allow applicants to peruse and update their resumes, and for you to filter out prospective candidates that may not be able to meet the criteria you’ve set.

3. Include the Advantages and Benefits

Writers also look for companies and clients that value the importance of human resources. Make sure to include in your job description the advantages that come with working for your company. Assure your future employees that they will be receiving all basic benefits and compensation.

4. Map Out A Career Path

You may also provide a brief overview of how your writers can build their careers while working for your company. Knowing that an employer has a plan for career growth and development will make writers more inclined to send an application.

5. Ensure An Engaging Work Environment

It is also important that the job description paints a picture of a workplace that will allow writers to thrive and develop their skills. This shows that the company excels in the management of personnel and resources.

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