How to Make a Writer Job Description in Google Docs

For efficient work on your stories, scripts, or whatever else, it’s imperative to get competent writers into your employment—that’s why a well-composed job description should be utilized. As described by Indeed, a job description needs to present an informative summary of a job position’s definition, duties, benefits, and legalities.

Need a bit of guidance on making a job description in Google Docs? If so, just have a look at our tips down below!

1. Give the Position’s Full Name

With a new file or template in Google Docs, start off your job description’s content by including the position’s complete internal name in the main header/title. This is the first step that lets interested applicants decide if this is the type of job they’re looking for.

2. Define Your Company and the Position

To further inform the reader, provide a proper description of the given job. Keep the writing concise; be informative about the main points without deviating into overly specific details.

In addition to that, talk a bit about your company/organization’s background. Make this brief too, as not to make your document too lengthy.

3. Set Proper Expectations

Since writers come in all sorts of flavors, it’s important that you specify what exactly a candidate will be in for once they get hired. Create a list of the challenges and responsibilities, providing a concise explanation of each.

Also, a list of the benefits and compensation must also be given. Make sure to not lure people in by deceiving them!

4. Provide the Required Qualifications

Let interested candidates know about what they need if they’re looking to apply. An efficient way of listing these down is to have one section for the minimum requirements and another for what’s most preferred.

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