The invention of calendars has positively impacted the human race. People depend on calendars to help them remember their tasks and other important events. And calendars are not going anywhere, because they are a great help to people. If you're looking for a calendar that will fit your taste, then choose from our amazing Yearly Calendar Templates in Apple (MAC) Pages. These printable calendars are easy to edit and use. They are going to help you track your schedule and events! Download a yearly calendar template now and efficiently plan and track anything!

How to Create a Yearly Calendar in Apple (MAC) Pages

Did you know that the experts of British archeology believe that the first calendar was made in the year 8,000 BC? To add, calendars have come a long way, and people have altered and improved them in time. When you look around, calendars are everywhere—at home, at work, and even in our phones. On the same note, making your own calendar instead of buying is sometimes better. So, if you want to make one, here are some tips for you:

1. Plan the Layout

Before you start your calendar, you have to identify what kind of layout you might want. Do you want to fill the entire page with 12 months or use 12 different pages for each month as a monthly calendar?

2. Check the Exact Days of the Year

The next thing you can do is to check the exact days of the year. You have to note that a simple calendar has to be accurate. Remember, 2019 is not the same as in the year 2020 and for other years, as well. For this, you have to get the right calendar as your copy.

3. Create the Outline

Now, you can start making your calendar's outline. Start with making seven columns. Next, you can add the days of the week to each column. After that, carefully plot a specific number on each box.

4. Plot Essential Events

On your calendar, you can now add your upcoming events and schedules. You can add holidays, birthdays, project deadlines, and more details on the days of your calendar.

5. Enhance the Look of the Calendar

It's time to be creative. You don't need to be like Picasso to turn your calendar into a masterpiece. You can make your sample calendar look beautiful just by adding colors, artistic typographies, or pasting pictures.

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