9+ Free Coupon Designs – Vector EPS

Coupons play a significant role in promoting the sales of a company. You may belong in a cafe or restaurant business, a retail store, or travel agency- rising above the competition requires creative strategies to gain a loyal set of clientele, and draw more people in your favor. Coupon designing is one sure way to achieve just that.

If you’re here to look for design inspiration, say no more. More than offering you ideas, we’re serving you a platter of designs to feast over. You no longer have to go through a series of websites to browse for acceptable design ideas. Our exceptional coupon designs are free of charge and ready to edit to cater to your needs. Scroll on!

Discount Coupons

Coupons promote sales through special offers and discounts. As a designer, it’s important to create a memorable business coupon design that coincides with the image of your business. The value of coupons may be fleeting, but their impact is lasting if you can successfully link your designs with your brand. Familiarity with your brand can gain you a loyal set of customers in the future, regardless of coupons and special promos.

Flat Design


A perfect embodiment of chic and feminine, download this coupon design for your cosmetics shop or make-up salon. There is an even play of designs with clean information display on one side, and a quirky pattern on the other.



This design adds a little flair and character with its unique formatting and cut-outs. If you want a subtle approach to innovative designs, take this coupon template with its classy and minimalist look.



Formal and professional is the goal of this coupon’s design. There’s no need to beat around the bush when it comes to luxury products and services. Offer special discounts for your car rental business through sleek designs like this one.

Tea Cup


Minimalism never looked so adorable until this Tea Cup design came along. Make less more than enough with this simple coupon design for your dessert cafe or work lounge. Your company’s QR code in your coupon helps make your content more direct, while calling out to tech-savvy clients.



Show variety in your promos by creating multiple coupons with different offers in each one. Keep it clean and coherent with this design. Have a fixed color scheme, format and font selection to encourage easy recognition from customers.

Gift Plan


Create a sample or mock-up coupon design with this Gift Plan template if you plan on offering bundles of gift cards, vouchers, and coupons for a special occasion or promo season.

Currency Design


Stand out with realistic coupon designs like this Currency Design. Since coupons are alternative methods for paying for a product or service, with some having a value that’s consumable, make them look like actual currency. Add in your own brand to make them distinct and exclusive.



Be bold and direct with this design for a shopping coupon. This design uses striking colors, large fonts, and geometric shapes to emphasize the discount offer, and to create a sense of urgency for consumers to avail them.



Use this movie coupon design for a comical and fun movie experience with its bright colored illustrations and clean display of text and design. Download this sample coupon design if you want a playful approach to your movie coupon.



This design captures the urban look for your season promos and event coupons. Keep it fresh and clean with monochrome photography and direct text display.

Coupons encourage both inactive customers and new ones to stick to your business. Engaging coupon designs and regular promotions make you an active and accessible business, and that’s highly appealing to consumers who are looking for brands they can evolve with.

Our list of free coupon designs give you a variety of design options to choose from. You can make use of them in different ways for different occasions to keep your target market anticipating your coupons. Download them all and to stay ahead of the competition.

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