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80 Free Infographic Designs

Information graphics have paved the way for easier and faster information dissemination more than any other visual presentation. With a coined term of infographics, this system of message relay has been used by graphic designers and educators alike to display what are usually complex terms and concepts through visuals like images and graphs.

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Because it is a medium designed to communicate even to the most unaware and uninformed, infographic design has to be comprehensive with no set assumptions on the reader’s background. However, they are made simply to inform in the most cohesive and concise manner.

Abstract Infographics

Although off-putting to some, abstract is a bold design element that can serve useful and even stimulating to certain groups of people, visual learners in particular. Incorporating abstract in your infographics is one way of adding a splash of unpredictability to your work, and is an effective tool to hold the attention of your readers.

You may have to step on eggshells with this one, because it can be pretty challenging not to go overboard with an abstract design. Always keep in mind that your first priority is to get information across clearly. By orienting yourself with our abstract infographic templates, your design process will surely run smoothly.


This geometric infographic design is simple and concise with nothing to obstruct your concentration. Download this design if you want an organized list of information supported by numbers and icons to aid your readers.

Info Chart

This info chart is a striking and stimulating design, and is an appropriate graphic design for making connections and identifying patterns through the data presented. The interconnection between facts can be distinguished by specific color palettes.

Arrow Sign

Clear and simple, this infographic design can be used in formal data presentations on certain patterns and trends over a period of time. In maintaining a minimalist look, use icons as legends to support your presented stats.




If you want to show a step-by-step process or timeline of a significant event or lifespan of a new technology, infographic elements are just the right tools to use. Get this design for free and make your readers more adept with relevant statistics through reader-friendly designs.

Computer Graphic

This design is not as intimidating as it looks. With this Computer Graphic infographic design, present important data in an unconventional manner. You may add symbols or set a color scheme for the categorized info and facts.

Hexagon Business

Keep your readers hooked and interested with complicated concepts by using fun geometric shapes to indicate subtopics or categories, with short descriptions or facts following the same color combination.



Business Infographics

Creating infographics in business can alleviate a certain amount of intimidation from the work environment. Business infographics can create a lighter and more people-friendly office space for employees, and are effective refreshers to easily remember company codes of conduct or important announcements.

Download our infographic elements and designs for free, and create illustrative and engaging designs to convey company messages effectively in the workplace.


If you want to present your business strategy in a brief and concise manner, use this design to inform employees and fellow professionals quickly and comprehensively. Word clouds are effective elements to separate ideas and contexts.


Categorize ideas or departments through graphs, charts, or geometrical shapes that interconnect to form a singular entity which represents the whole company. You can create separate infographics to go into detail with every department and consolidate them in one summarized infograph at the end or beginning of your presentation.




If you want to show the growth and development of your business over a specific period of time, use this design to emphasize the significant changes that have occurred in different areas of the company.



Showing a timeline or pattern in your business structure is best expressed by this design. Make your infograph dynamic and professional by using unique yet easy-to-read visuals with appropriate professional fonts.



This design is a contemporary and more engaging version of a traditional pie chart. Get this template for free and make diagrams and charts more interesting by using icons, pleasing colors, and clean text.

Pie Chart


Professional infographics are also very much useful in creating visually appealing resumes and business reports. They show off a more creative and assertive aspect to your character as a professional, and can prove to be an asset in an evolving company.

Flat Infographics

Flat infographics tend to veer towards minimalism when it comes to presentation. The design approach used in this type of infographic is focused on its functionality, efficiency, and usability. Thus, its designs, charts, and text are presented in clean and organized segments, bright and readable text, and two-dimensional visuals and illustrations.

Chart Infographic

This Chart Inforgraphic keeps it clean and professional with a minimal color scheme and well-organized panels to disseminate information properly. This way, clumps of text won’t fall into a single category, and the reader can easily notice the distinction among types of information given.

Flat Infographic Element

Colorful Polygon Arrow

The use of banners and icons is also a smart and notable choice. Much like this Colorful Polygon Arrow or the Shopping Flat Infographic, you can easily design and divide your information through separate banners and icons. The color distinction among banners can also help the reader to take in information better and faster.

Shopping Flat Infographic

Flat Business Infographic

Flat Infographics Icons

The Flat Infographics Icons is simply a set of icons incorporated together to form a coherent picture and idea. You can do so for trivial posts, or messages that are not as complex and are easily taken in. This type of infographic still needs to be designed thoroughly so as not to misinform the public.

Infographic About Education

The more academic subjects need to have a bit of creativity in their infographic presentation so as not to put off its readers. The Infographic about Education, for example, makes use of light colors and large icons to have readers pay attention to what the infographic has to say.

Flat Vector Infographic

Geometry Style

Play with shapes and colors and download this Geometry Style infographic design for your own educational presentation. Designs are essentially made of shapes, so present your text through eccentric and distinct shapes and forms to draw the attention of your readers. Of course, you’d need to strike a balance between your visuals and text. Find that harmony to create an effective infographic of your own.


Make outer space feel a little bit closer by incorporating universe and solar system design elements to your infographics when talking about the universe. It’s simple but far from boring.

Timeline Infographic

Creative Vector

Online Marketing

Some infographics don’t necessarily need clumps of text when presenting valuable information. Short and concise phrases and sentences will do, and the rest is better articulated in visuals. This Online Marketing infographic sets a good example of visual over text. Use colors and legends to clarify your main points.

Flat Chart Infographic

Tablet Design

Mind Map

Education Infographics

Flat Design

Question and Exclamation

Infographic with Various Options

Modern Education

Education & Science

Stack Design

School Skills

Education Infographic with Four Steps

Chart Infographic

Round Infographic

Web Infographics

Blue Web Infographics

Flat Web Infographics

Web Infographics Vector

Infographic Brochures

Free Infographic Vector Brochure

Infographic Brochure Design

Infographic Brochure

Ecological Infographic Brochure

Infographic Business Brochure

Infographic Resources Brochure

Graphic Infographic Brochure

Vector Infographics

Network Security Concept

Business Papercut Infographics

Building Infographic

Numbered Infographics

Healthy Lifestyle Infographic

Creative Numbered Infographics

Medical Infographic

Flat Chart Infographic Vector

Petroleum Extraction Rate

Infographic Elements Vector

Car Crash Infographic

Infographic Resume

Infographic Resume Template

Resume for Graphic Designer

Useful Infographic Resume

Infographic Resume in PSD

Infographic Resume in AI

Inspirational Infographic Resume

Designed Infographic Resume

Mockup Infographic

Infographic Mockup in PSD

Timeline Infographic Mockup

Create a friendlier and more dynamic corporate or creative environment for your employees, clients, or readers by designing unique, concise, and high quality infographics. Present relevant data like gadget trends, historical timelines, progress reports or business resumes with our diverse set of infographic designs.

You can get these designs for free with just a click of a button, so go on ahead and get started!

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