70+ Free Shape Designs


In every act of designing, making use of shapes is never out of the picture. Needless to say, they kind of are the picture. Composing a good design or image is basically generated through shapes by creating and innovating them. Color and texture are also essential aspects, yes, but the framework of a design is its shape. A skeletal structure, if you will.

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So if you’re working on a brand new design, make use of our shape designs that vary in format, structure, and purpose. A good designer should never come up short on design elements and tools, especially shape designs. What we’ve got are some of the best shape designs free of charge to cater to your designing. Download them all!

3D Shapes

3-D shapes are extremely important in making diagrams, graphs, and architectural blueprints. They give you a realistic image of your project or report to be guided accordingly. Adding dimensions to your shape or design provides depth. Aside from being detailed in a design or lesson plan, 3-D geometric shapes and designs are awesome elements in a printed shirt, party flyer, or movie poster.

Clip Art

clip art

Clip art shape designs are the basic tools you will need for your designing projects. They are electronic-friendly designs that can be optimized for your personal greeting cards, school projects or official company documents. Clip art shapes are easy to edit and vary in structure to produce quality images.



For the more complex design projects you’ve got going, these abstract Photoshop-ready shapes are more than qualified to do the work. Download this set of abstract shapes to perfectly structure your commercial building models, woodwork, or collector’s items.

School Project

school project



Image Galleries

image gallaries

For the designers who like to dabble in quirky illustrations, these shape designs are perfect for the more casual and light art projects. You can use them as great additions to personal cards, shirts, and ad mock-ups.

Polygon Shapes

If your design ethic is inclined to two-dimensional shapes and patterns, we’ve got you covered with unique polygon shapes and geometric shape templates. Grab these designs for your wallpapers, posters, or business cards. There are shape designs available for you to design corporate documents or reports with; or serve as backgrounds and buttons for your website home page.





Pale Purple

pale purple

Make use of polygons as desktop wallpapers and backgrounds for flyers with our set of vector backgrounds that come in a series of colors and design approaches. You can stick with a monochromatic image if you prefer to keep things simple and low-key; or you can go for the more colorful and eccentric to better express your personality.





Be more inventive with shapes and incorporate different types and structures. If you fear overdoing our design, use this Blending shape design with its neat yet animated shape and color combination. You can also take your pick on some of the top circle designs and triangle shape designs to discover your own style.

Transparent Background

transparent background1

Abstract Template

abstract template

Geometric Background

geometric background

If you’re looking for cool abstract or geometric images that fade into the background, or are transparent altogether, download our geometric backgrounds and abstract templates to give your website or corporate flyer a post-modern look. You can add in photos on certain facets of your polygons to add a futuristic company image.



Shapes compose all our designs no matter what the outcome. You can create logos, creative prototypes or business models using three-dimensional shapes to provide an in-depth treatment on your projects. Polygons and geometric shapes and patterns are also readily available for you to design your invites, school projects, or shirts with.

Geometric Shapes

Abstract Geometric

abstract geometric



Line Art

line art





Colored Geometric Shapes

colored geometric shapes



Geometric Shape Set

geometric shape set

Logo Shapes

Colorful Logos

colorful shape logos

Minimal and Stylish

minimal and stylish



Abstract Custom

abstract custom

Simple Logo Shape

simple logo shape 788x614

Various Logo Shape

various logo shape

Abstract Shapes

Abstract Vector Shapes

abstract vector shapes

Colorful Abstract Shape

colorful abstract shape

Gradient Prisma

gradient prisma

Abstract Decorative Shapes

abstract decorative shapes 788x591

Abstract Rainbow Shapes

abstract rainbow shapes

Abstract Shape Background

abstract shape background

Abstract Heart Shapes

abstract heart shapes

3D Abstract Shapes

3d abstract shapes

Business Card

business cards

Abstract Floral Shape

abstract floral shape 788x559

Circular Shapes

Holi Greeting

holi greeting

Circular Shapes Free Vector

circular shapes free vector

Blank Circle Vector Shapes

blank circle vector shapes

Polygons Circular Shapes

polygons circular shapes

Circular Vector Shapes

circular vector shapes

Hand Drawn Circle Shape

hand drawn circle shape

Cloud Shapes

Scribble Style

scribble style

Speech Clouds

speech clouds shapes

Cartoon Cloud

cartoon cloud shapes

Cloud Shapes Pack

cloud shapes pack

Heart Shape

White Heart Shape

white heart shape

Heart Shapes Vector

heart shapes vector

Cute Heart Shapes

cute heart shapes

Low Poly Heart

low poly heart

Heart Shape Frame

heart shape frame

Heart Shaped Glasses

heart shaped glasses

Heart Shape with Hands

hands making

Water Drop Heart Shape

water drop heart shape

Heart Shape Made of Hearts

heart shape made of hearts

Abstract Grunge

abstract grunge

Heart Shaped Candies

heart shaped candies

Heart Shape in AI

beautiful heart shape

Star Shapes

Abstract Star Shape

abstract star shape

Star Shaped Confetti

star shaped confetti

Hand Drawn

hand drawn1

Star Shape Background

star shape background

Star Shape Collection

star shape collection

Vector Star Shapes

vector star shapes

Design and create images with our shape designs. Other than our awesome list of 3-D shapes and polygons, have a few more tricks up your sleeve with geometry vector icons and shapes. You can download our list of designs for free to aid your designing.

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