25 Free Thanksgiving Templates

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Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated every fourth Thursday of November in the United States, Canada, Liberia, and Caribbean Islands. It originated as a harvest meal in 1621 and has been celebrated ever since. Every year, people gather with their families for a meal and watch football together. Food such as roasted turkey and chicken are usually on the food menu and prepared in time for the holiday.

Restaurants are also geared up for this holiday. Several promos and discounts are coming up and owners have to think of a design for their marketing campaigns. To help out business owners, here are some great-looking templates available for free this Thanksgiving.

Free Thanksgiving Menu Template

Free Thanksgiving Menu Template

Free Happy Thanksgiving Flyer Template


Free Supreme Thanksgiving Invitation Flyer


Printable Thanksgiving Poster Template


Thanksgiving Restaurant Banner Template


Thanksgiving Postcard Invitation


Free Thanksgiving Menu Template Download


Free Thanks Giving Invitation


Happy Turkey Day Thanksgiving Poster


Thanksgiving Bi-Fold Celebration Brochure


Free Attractive Thanksgiving Flyer Template


Colorful Thanksgiving Menu Template


Bright colors are dominating this template which makes it more appetizing to the senses. It has a combination of artsy and cool fonts. This suits the overall feel of the holiday—a vibrant and happy one.

Happy Thanksgiving Template


Taking a look at the turkey on the center, this template is mouth-watering. The black background goes well with the other colors used in this template. It’s simple with an occasional flash of brightness.

Thanksgiving Design Template


The clean white background and beautiful fonts make up for the simplicity of this template. The food design looks cute and more like animated.

Retro Thanksgiving Template 


Or if you want something that makes you want to go back in time, you can opt for this retro template. It has six amazing designs to choose from. This template goes well with its brown and light colored background.

Thanksgiving Elements Template


The vector design elements from this template look like they were taken out of a smartphone emoji selection. It is cute without losing and sacrificing its cultural significance. This can also be used in many other projects.

Thanksgiving Brunch Menu Template


Because Thanksgiving falls on the last few stretches of the autumn season, this brunch menu template is perfect for those looking for a season-themed design. The variety of colors is overwhelming.

Thanksgiving Club Poster Template 


This is another template bearing an animated detail that is fresh and aesthetically exceptional. The usual autumn colors shine against the wooden background which makes every aspect of this poster template awesome.

Modern Thanksgiving Bundle Templates


This bundle of templates only costs $24 and uses free fonts. It is easy to edit and customize with its layered Photoshop template. It also comes in banner, poster, and flyer formats.

Free Vector Thanksgiving Badges Template


These vector badges template seem to be taken out of a calligraphy drawing. The 12 badges to choose from can all look good in any menu template you plan to design. Be sure to put one of these in the center to highlight its beauty.

Thanksgiving Icons Template


All the thanksgiving icons are gathered in one template. The adorable drawing suits the light green background, giving it a child-like vibe for the holidays.

Thanksgiving Typography Poster Template 


Simple and chilly for the season, this template is perfect if you want to go for minimal changes in design. The leafy design combines perfectly with the light pink backdrop.

Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Invitation Template


The design looks like a ticket from the 20th century. Minimalist and clean, all the details are provided and arranged accordingly.

Thanksgiving Celebration Flyer Template


The use of real turkey in the photo stimulates hunger and an effective campaign for restaurant owners. Its bright aura attracts people to have dinner.

Orange Autumn Leaves Thanksgiving Template 


An impressive typography and a mix of bright colors on the side make up this lovely template. It can be used on all occasions.

Thanksgiving Flyer Template


For Thanksgiving, the use of bright colors never goes out of style. It’s eye-catching and appetizing for a flyer template.

Thanksgiving Greeting Template 


This greeting template is print-ready. With all the sunny colors used in this template and a fine greeting, this surely puts a smile on someone’s face when they see it.

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