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It’s love month again. Most people anticipate the coming of Valentine’s Day (also known as hearts day) since it is a day to spend quality time with loved ones, not only for couples, but also for friends and family. People also get excited for Valentines because it is the time, like Christmas, where gifts are given. Although not necessary, it has been tradition to give gifts to the most important people in our lives—parents, classmates, teachers, mentors, coaches, friends, colleagues, and other special people. The excitement we feel during Valentine’s is somewhat similar to Christmas, where aside from exchanging gifts, love is spread around.

It is easy to say that you can spend Valentine’s Day not only with your partner but with family and friends as well. But sometimes, we run out of creative ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day. Here are some free Valentine’s Day designs and templates (Adobe Illustrator format) you can maximize and use for your various heart’s day activities. You may also see printable valentine cards.

Valentine’s Day Facebook Templates

Valentine's Day Facebook Templates

Valentine’s Day Flyer

Valentine's Day Flyer Template

Valentines Day Google Plus Design

Valentines Day Google Plus Design

Unfortunately, there are some people who are not into celebrating Valentine’s day, especially those without a partner. They avoid going to crowded areas filled with romantic couples and don’t see any reason to celebrate Valentine’s. But the truth is, there is no excuse NOT celebrate the Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is not only meant for young couples and married adults, but it is the day to express love and care to the people around you and remind them that they are always in your thoughts. You may also like free valentine’s day cards.

Valentine’s Day Linkedin Post

Valentine's Day Linkedin Post

Valentines Day Instagram Post

Valentines Day Instagram Post

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But no matter what you will be doing, do it with a heart so you will fully enjoy the day. Here are few ideas on what to do during hearts day:

1. Dress Up

Firstly, the moment you get up from bed, you should think what to wear on that day. If you are excited, you can prepare your clothes the day before. During Valentine’s Day, you can dress up not just for anybody or to impress anyone, but you must dress up for yourself. It is very important to love yourself first before anyone else so that you can boost your self-confidence. Choose a dress or attire that is not too fancy nor too plain as you don’t want to be over dressed or under dressed. Instead, pick something that you are most comfortable with so you can enjoy the activities you have planned for the day. You may also see valentine invitation templates.

2. Treat Yourself

Who ever said that you need someone to spend for you certainly failed in life. You can treat yourself to a spa or go to the nearest stores or restaurants so you can eat to your heart’s content. It is like taking a break from your busy schedule and having a day off from the office. This is also a day when you can meditate on your own and enjoy the scenery away from the city and away from the crowd. You may also like Valentine crafts.

3. Express Your Love in Your Own “Love Language”

There are a lot of ways in expressing your love to people. Some will clearly express them in words; some are implied through actions. For some, items and gifts will speak for them. The reason for having numerous expressions of love is that we have our own distinct and unique “love language”. Not all people are created to express love in the same way. If that happened, there would be no creativity and people would be giving the same gifts and saying the same things to their loved ones over and over again. Love languages come in different forms like giving gifts, speaking words of compliment or affirmation, physical contact, etc. Whatever your love language may be, express them wholeheartedly and with passion. You may also like Valentine’s say menu templates.

4. Make and Send a Greeting Card

Giving of greeting cards has become a tradition and it has become customary for people to give cards even to those that are not so close to them. You can create and customize your own Valentine’s greeting card so you can choose the design you want and write the message that you intend to write. Customized greeting cards are very personal and are more appealing compared to the pre-printed or pre-designed ones. You can make several cards to send to your family and friends.

5. Spend Quality Time with a Loved One

Think of someone you love, it can either be your significant other, sibling, parent, friend, etc. You can spend time with that person or with those people during that day; either watch a movie together, eat at a sumptuous restaurant, go for a long walk, or just simply have a deep and meaningful conversation. Just remember to avoid distractions like using your mobile phone or talking to other people. Focus your energy and efforts to your loved one. You may also see Valentines day vectors.

Valentines Day Pinterest Post

Valentines Day Pinterest Post

Valentines Day Tumblr Post

Valentines Day Tumblr Post

Valentines Day Twitter Design

Valentines Day Twitter Design


Valentine’s Day Card Design


Valentine’s Day Invitation Party Night Invitation


Black Valentine Party Invitation


Valentine’s Day is indeed a day not just for lovers but for everyone in general. It is a day to share and express your love to the people around you. There are a lot of ways to celebrate love: through sending greeting cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts. Also during this day, you can spend time in a lot of ways like dressing up not just for someone but mainly for yourself, treating yourself in a spa or restaurant, and making Valentine’s cards for important people like family and friends. No matter how you spend Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is that you succeed in expressing love to those around you, and you personally are happy in whatever endeavors you are doing. You may also like Valentine flyer templates.

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