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90+ Free Vector Designs

As artists and designers, it is our duty to produce high quality works no matter how big or small the design. Being thorough in designing means using appropriate images, icons, and colors to truly capture the essence of your design. Moreover, these design elements should come in the right format to better serve their purpose.

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Vectors are just the right design materials for the job. They are ready to edit and are uncompromising in their composition; scaling them to varied sizes and shapes still produce quality images and icons. Add some charm to your design projects—whether event invites or website panels—with our list of the internet’s best and most sought-after vector designs. Start browsing!

Floral Vectors

Floral is not an not uncommon theme in designing. They give off a pleasant and welcoming vibe, and are bound to make anyone feel light and joyful. Check out all the different ways you can add some charm to your work through floral vector designs.

Wedding Frame

Send out messages of love and inspiration with these floral wreath vectors. They are youthful and adorable, and are best presented when paired with a delicate yet quirky typeface.

Floral Wreath


Use these pieces of floral vectors to beautifully adorn your wedding invites or summer and spring vector greeting cards and party invites. They can be used individually and still result in a charming design.


Radiate with elegance and sophistication with this vector design. Swirling vectors are classy design pieces you can use as borders for formal documents, invites, or banners.

Scrolls Design

Water Colour

Nothing looks more authentic and dainty than watercolor and hand-drawn or painted flowers and wreaths. Use these watercolor and hand-drawn floral vectors to give a personal touch to your design projects.

Hand Painted


This vector set is more structured and linear if you prefer a clean-cut look to your designs. As much as they can be direct, their charming pastel color scheme still gives off a warm and inviting atmosphere for your cards, envelopes, or journal designs.

Colourful Template

Icons Vector

Icons are commonly known images or symbols that represent a certain function or program. Save space and be creative by using icons vectors on your websites and flyers. There are different sets of themes and designs you can choose from that can best coincide with your image or motif.

Icon pack

With this pack, you get a variety of free icons to use in any occasion while maintaining a singular look. Using a themed icon design promotes consistency and makes it easier for people to recognize you or your brand.


If you’re looking for an illustrative yet classy way to represent travel methods and destinations, this set of transport icons will do. With a monochrome palette, you can easily incorporate your icons on almost any channel or document.

Sports Ball

Living Icons

This set of icons bathed in white and gold would look great on your fancy restaurant menu. Exude luxurious dining with these restaurant icon designs for your food business.

Flat Social Media

This traditional set of social media icon vectors stays consistent with their corresponding colors and logos. Using this set makes for a clean and direct flyer, business card, and website.


Make the language of retail easily understandable from the ordinary folk to high class entrepreneurs with this set of shopping icons. Create a perfect blend in color and design approach with your cards or flyers.


Abstract vector

When something is abstract, that means an idea or concept has no tangible or concrete example or explanation. When an artwork or design is considered abstract, that usually means the piece is something we cannot fully identify or explain as a distinct or exact object or idea.

Abstract vectors add character to your design in a way no other type of design element can. They are unconventional, unpredictable, and unique; a definite asset you shouldn’t miss out on. Abstract is a unique tool in design because it consists of shapes, colors, or objects that are completely different from what we’re used to seeing. With abstract designs, your business card, event flyer, invitations, and other design pieces are sure to contain more depth and personality.

Purple Abstract Vector

Keep it simple with this purple vector background. It has a set color scheme and design pattern that’s pretty easy on the eyes. It’s a good background design for your professional cards, desktop, or business reports.

Abstract Vector Free

This colorful abstract background has an energetic vibe that can effectively give off a positive and lively energy into the room. Use this vector for your party flyers, party prop designs, and digital ads.

Abstract Lines Vector

Abstract Background Vector

Technology Vector

Vector Patterns

For the bohemian and urban creatives, theses vector patterns will surely make your day. They are full of color and character to really bring out your unique style and personality. Check out our list of designs to find something you fancy. They can have plenty of uses, and can be edited to fit whatever document or art design you’ve got planned. Moreover, these vector patterns are absolutely free. Download away!


This vector pattern gives off a lot of class and artistry. It’s an Arabic seamless pattern that would look gorgeous on your walls. If you prefer to give more character and emphasis on the design, you can set aside one corner of the room for this wallpaper pattern alone. You can also use this pattern for your photo walls or as a background design for some of your framed images.

Vector Pattern Background

If you want a simple and delicate pattern for the holiday season, or even for the fall, this vector pattern should be your main source. It sets a very calming tone, and has a vintage-like quality to it to give the pattern more character. Download this design for your holiday cards, seasonal gathering invites, and more.

Ham Pattern

Paisley patterns never seem to go out of style. They’re pretty accessible designs no matter the season. They are, however, reserved for the more daring personalities. Because paisley patterns have bold designs, they are appropriate for the more lively setups. You can use them as desktop backgrounds or actual wallpapers for your creative space.

Vector Scales

Who ever said black and white is boring? That’s obviously not the case with this Vector Scales pattern. Even without splashes of color, this design exudes its own fun personality to get you going.

Abstract Dotted Pattern

Completely timeless in design, this minimalist dotted vector pattern can be used in almost any kind of project you have in mind. It’s very subtle in its uniqueness, and gives you a clean overall look.


Talavera Vector

Wedding Vector

A wedding vector can come in handy if you’re looking to find the easiest way to incorporate wedding themed designs to your cards, invites, and other wedding-related stationery. Furthermore, wedding vectors are sure to give you stylish and quality designs because of their flexible characteristic; making it easier for you to edit and scale them however you like.

As your special event draws near, be prepared with some of the most charming and romantic wedding vectors to date. These designs are for free so use them to make the occasion more stylish and creative.

Wedding Ceremony Vector

Our wedding icon designs vary in style and approach. Some are more minimalist while others tend to be more detailed in design. See which ones can best fit the theme of your wedding and customize them to fit seamlessly in your invites, menu cards, and more.

Wedding Planner

Wedding Element

Wedding Bells

Doodle Vector

Wedding Invitation


Adorn your wedding invitation cards, giveaways, and menu cards with this lovely lavender wreath vector. It’s a wonderful and romantic addition to your designs because of its simplicity and class. You can easily edit the graphic to put in your own message or names within the wreath.

Heart Vector

You may think there’s only one way to design heart, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, the designs we’ve got listed show you a variety of heart vector designs to fit different types of themes or personalities. Try to see which ones will get your own heart pumping, and download them for your greeting cards, poster designs, and more.

Gear Composed

Red Heart

Wheat Heart

Heart Shaped

Colorful Hearts Vector

Heart Graphics Vector

Vector Hearts


Shiny Red Heart

Logo Vector

Vectors also play a significant role in logo designing. Because vectors are pretty flexible and highly editable, you can customize and scale vector designs to fit your desired logo. The most effective logos are usually those that have a unique flair to their designs, making them distinct and memorable. If that’s something you want to achieve, then take your pick from our list of logo vectors for you to come up with a creative logo design of your own.


Stock Vector Logo

Logos in technicolor present a more vibrant and dynamic tone about your company. Download this set of vector logos if you want to come up with a professional, at the same time inviting, look for your company. A futuristic yet lively logo will make your company look hopeful and attractive.

Infinite Vector Logo

Hawk Logo Vector

Companies or professionals usually like to use animals in their logos. This is because animals can be representative of distinct characteristics. If you wish to build your identity with an animal logo design, download our Horse Logo and Hawk Logo Vector.

Horse Logo

Color Swatches

3D Logos

Everest Logo

One of the trendier designs for a travel logo is that of a mountain or mountain range. With this Everest Logo set, come up with different ways to design the logo of your travel agency, hunting or hiking expedition, or camping brochure.

Vector Ribbon

A creative way to send out your messages is through thought bubbles and ribbon banners. In this section, you’ll find colorful and fun ribbon vectors to use for your banners, posters, or invites. You’ll be sure to find a ribbon vector design of your choice because of the different sets we’ve got prepared. Some are themed while others tend to be more traditional and minimal.

Origami Ribbon

Gift Ribbon

Pink Decorative Ribbon

This adorable set of pink ribbon vectors has so much charm and sweetness, it’s good enough to eat. Incidentally, a ribbon vector with this design would look too good to be true on dessert packaging like cupcakes and chocolates.

Vector Ribbon Set

Heartshaped Vector Ribbon

White Paper

Ribbon Banner Vector

Origami Ribbons

Make an infographic look more informative and engaging with this ribbon vector design. It’s a refreshing and appealing way to inform people about usually complex and complicated ideas. With different colors for different categories, it’ll be so much easier to understand and remember significant data.

Red Ribbon Vector

Red and Blue Ribbon

Vintage Vectors

Etiquetas Vintage Vector

Vintage Style Free Vector

Vintage Frames Vector

Vintage Frame Vector

Ornaments Vintage Vector

Promotion Badges Vintage Vector

Vintage Flower Label Vectors

Vector Vintage Seamless Background

Clipart Vector

Cool Clip Art Vector


Logo Clip Art

Flowers Vector Clip Art

Weapons Clip Art

Cool Clip Art

Stock Vector Clip Art

Ribbon Sash Clipart Vector

Cartoon Clip Art

Flower Swirls Clip Art

Banner Vector

Gorgeous Pattern Banner

Golden Banners

Red Banner Vector

Fashion Glossy

Dynamic lines

Technology Banner

Vectors make designing so much easier and more innovative. Vectors in graphic designing is one way of sharpening your skills and stimulating your artistic brain to come up with original ideas and producing quality work. Whether you’re working on event invites or professional flyers, make the most out of vector designs.

Our list of free vector designs are here to help you produce designs of top quality. Download them to start exercising your creativity.

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