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Mockup designs are getting famous among visual designers and artists because they would simply add some slight modification, and their layout is done in just a matter of minutes. They need not to start from zero point as the design is downloadable, and a set of online or digital tools is the only thing they need to transform their creativity into actual work. To those who are looking for free stationery mockups and packaging designs, this post is for you.

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Stationery Mockups

Aside from the traditional triad of papers, envelope and calling card as the perfect emblem of a stationery (though they still remain as the most preferred handouts by more companies), a company logo or trademark can now also be seen on other office materials such as ballpens, mugs, diaries, paper bags, compact disc, and what’s not. Some of the following mockups are presented to give visual artists some more valuable concepts on stationery mockup designs.



Designers may download this and add some more details to the external appearance. It offers 16 ready-made mockups allowing subscribers to create multiple combinations.



The impressive combination of black, red and white colors is the main attraction of the set. It is ideal for printing on envelopes, letterheads, and calling cards. Classy and elegant in style, any company may download the concept for free.

Zero Gravity Mockup Pack

zero gravity mockup pack1



Isometric Art Equipments Scene Generator

isometric art equipments scene generator





Envelope design, in which creative artists may download in order to get their own personalized letterhead and envelope. This is ideal for companies and businesses which prefer having an image-less logo for their trademark.



This corporate design is useful not only for letterheads and envelopes, but for paper bags, catalogs, compact disc covers, and diaries as well. The triangular-size logo is the distinctive design of this particular template, and any business may utilize it for strategic and marketing planning.




Elegant design, in which creative designers may consider for their clients who wish to have an image-less trademark. The template is text-centered hence receivers would easily identify from which company did the correspondence come from without having to consider the absence of an image.

Green Identity

green identity

For green-lovers out there, the template is perfect for you since it contains different shades of green as its distinctive color, while being spreaded across the sheet or material where it is printed onto.



For branding purposes, the template would definitely stand out from the rest because of its contrasting black-and-white effects. The design is applicable on all material types.



Packaging Mockup

An effective product labeling does entail a successful marketing drive, and therefore most likely to generate high sales and profitability. The equation does justice to every company which advertently invests big shares on product labels and stickers just to ensure that their products are strong in catching the attention of the buying public. You won’t go wrong with the following packaging mockup designs.

Paper Pouch

paper pouch

Paper pouch, which is a brown-colored template created out of smart objects and can be edited via Adobe Photoshop for more modification upon the artist’s disposal.

Plastic Pouch

plastic pouch



Medical template, where designers in search of medical-related packaging design may download for free thus enabling their product to be automatically categorized as under “Medical”.

Juice Bottle

juice bottle

Food Packaging

food packaging

Food Packaging template, where food producers and manufacturers would be glad upon downloading as it offers a variety of packaging concepts for different food sizes. Be it elongated, in paper pouch, in small bottles, and what’s not, the template offers various ideas on each food label.



This carton template is perfect for industries who use carton as their main product packaging.

Milk Packaging

milk packaging

The whole dairy industry may take use of this template as its design is specifically intended for milk products. It is fully responsive and would fit perfectly not only in bottles but in cartons as well.



Supplement Product

supplement product

The design would work best on supplemental drinks or medicine, thus rendering the template to be for exclusive usage only by the pharmaceutical businesses and dealers. While the mockup showcases the employment of several font sizes and image colors, creative artists may likewise put more add-ons so the logo becomes customized and owned.

Magazine Mockups

Photos Magazine

photos magazine

PSD Magazine

psd magazine

A4 Size

a4 size



Square Mockup

square mockup



Print Graphic Style

print graphic style

Open Magazine

open magazine

Magazine PSD Mockup

magazine psd mockup

Flyer Mockups

Modern Mockup

modern mockup


a4 psd



Flyer Poster Mockup

flyer poster mockup

Horizontal A4

horizontal a4

Realistic Flyer

realistic flyer

Billboard Mockups

Bus Stop Billboard Mockup

bus stop billboard mockup1

Airport Billboard Mockup

airport billboard mockup 788x508

Billboard Mockup Design

billboard mockup design

PSD Billboard Mockup

psd billboard mockup 788x631

Billboard Mockups Set

billboard mockups set1

Realistic Billboard Mockup

realistic billboard mockup

Poster and Billboard Mockup

poster and billboard mockup 788x525

Iphone Mockups

White iPhone 6 Plus Mockup

white iphone 6 plus mockup 788x591

Dark iPhone Mockup

dark iphone mockup

iPhone PSD Mockup

iphone psd mockup1

iPhone 6s Mockup

iphone 6s mockup 788x526

iPhone 7 Jet Black Mockup

iphone 7 jet black mockup

iPhone 6 Scalable Mockup

iphone 6 scalable mockup

App Mockups

Perspective App Screen

perspective app screen 788x518

>screen mockup 788x518

Perspective Screens Mock Up

perspective screens mock up 788x437

App Screen Mockup

app screen mockup 788x591

3D Mobile App

3d mobile app

iPhone App Screen

iphone app screen

App Screens Perspective MockUp

app screens perspective mockup 788x591

App Screens Mockup in PSD

psd app screens mockup

Product Mockup

Kitchen Products Mockup

kitchen products mockup

Supplement Product Packaging

supplement product packaging 788x518

Product Packaging Box in PSD

psd product packaging box  788x536

Packaging Product Box

packaging product box 788x564

Skin Care Cream

skin care cream

Product Packaging Box

product packaging box1

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