15 Free Restaurant Facebook Designs & Templates


Social media has become one of the most pervasive promotional tools in marketing today. If you are a restaurant owner and you wish to establish a stronger presence on a social media platform such as Facebook, check out these free restaurants templates and designs available for download.

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Seafood Facebook Social Media Templates


This is the perfect kind of template for those who prefer seafood over anything else. For those businesses who have pescatarians or fish lovers as their target audience, then this template is the best thing that can get these customers really interested in obtaining a reservation. You can place your logo smack dab in the center where everyone can easily see and identify it.

Let us say that the main thing that you are trying to get people to buy is this new salmon dish, then this template will definitely get mouths watering to the point where they cannot wait to try out what you have to offer.

Chef Menu Facebook Template


If you want your customers to salivate over the kind of food that you have prepared by giving them a glimpse of the meal, then this template is definitely for you. Seeing the juicy chicken alone is enough to get one’s mouth watering, and there is even a vegetarian option right behind it for those who do not wish to eat meat.

This is also really great if you are trying to show customers that everything on your chef’s menu is 50% off! The fact that the 50% is emphasized will definitely grab the interest of customers and ensure that just about everyone who sees it will want to try out your chef’s menu themselves.

Restaurant Invitation Facebook Template


If your restaurant is holding its first official opening, this template is the ideal one to use. The fact that the word “Invited” is highlighted will guarantee that you are trying to show the receiver that you really want him or her to be there. It also helps that there is a mouthwatering meal in the background as that is what is going to tell the receiver what he or she should expect if he or she responds to to the invitation. It is better if you have a logo that emphasizes your brand once it is placed within the template.

Restaurant Facebook Social Media Post


Considering that a lot of people make use of Facebook or other forms of social media to post their food posts, this template is definitely going to be a lot of use to them. If you want to say that you are going to cook something as simple as chicken cordon bleu, then all you have to do is place it smack dab in the middle of the post. You can even place something as simple as “I don’t feel like cooking something amazing” and edit the background picture to match whatever cooking you want to boast about with your friends and family who are on social media.

Restaurant Logo Facebook Template


You want to be able to make your logo really stand out, so this is the best kind of template that you could ever hope to possibly use. Resize your logo to the right dimensions so that it fits right inside the template, then once that is done, you can place the tagline of your restaurant in whatever font and size you choose, and position it right in the middle of the template. This is perfect for when you just want to advertise your restaurant logo to your target audience and if you want them to know just what kind of restaurant you are running.

Restaurant Discount Facebook Template


One of the best ways to tempt your customers is by showing them that your restaurant is offering discounts. People love it when they spend less for food. So, having this kind of template works really well at showing customers that your restaurant is having discounts on selected menu items.

PSD Restaurant Facebook Template


This Photoshop document is definitely going to be of great help as you can edit it at any time. The black background definitely shows an air of professionalism while all of the different herbs and spices that are presented in the template can showcase the kind of fresh ingredients that you use for your restaurant’s dishes. You can also include your restaurant’s motto or catchphrase for added appeal. You want to be able to grab the viewer’s attention and show that your restaurant deserves to be visited.

Restaurant Facebook Ad Design


Facebook is one of the best ways for any restaurant to advertise whatever they have to offer. This template ensures that you are able to properly advertise your restaurant on Facebook and make people really want to see what your restaurant has to offer. With this template, you have to be able to know the main dish in your menu that you are going to present as the main attraction. If you think that it is chicken, then state it smack dab in the middle of the template to show customers that this is the kind of thing you want them to try out.

Facebook Post for Restaurant


We all know that Facebook is one of the best social media sites to use when you wish to promote your business. This is the reason this template is very helpful in making sure that everyone on Facebook can get a glimpse of the kind of restaurant that you have. Then, you must show that the kind of food you serve is something that your customers are definitely going to want. The background alone shows what customers should expect regarding the variety of ingredients in your dishes.

Food and Restaurant Facebook Template


The background image of well-cooked poultry with lemon slices and herbs on a white plate shows that this template is not kidding around about trying to capture the attention of hungry viewers. This is definitely the way to get people interested in your restaurant. The pink place setting, meanwhile, shows a lighter side and balances the color scheme of the template.

Facebook Restaurant Page Template


A lot of businesses create Facebook pages so that they can gather likes from customers and keep them updated on any new menu items or even discounts on selected items. In this case, the template is definitely helpful in advertising your restaurant’s Facebook page. The big blue “F” that is in the middle of the template definitely signals to your customers that you want them to follow you on Facebook. All you have to do is provide the logo of your restaurant at the bottom and place the restaurant’s name so that people can quickly find your page on Facebook.

Bakery Facebook Page


Bakeries are the best places for you to get those hot and fresh pastries that would definitely fill your appetite. This template perfectly executes how a bakery should be advertised by having a simple background of toasted bread on a clean white plate against a wooden background. This kind of template is perfect for those bakeries that are just starting out in the industry by telling the customers that they are open for business! If you already know when your bakery opens and closes for business, then all you have to do is edit the template to state your bakery’s operating hours.

Fast Food Restaurant Facebook Template


Everybody loves fast food, and there are a lot of restaurants all over the world that offer these meals. So, if you are planning on advertising your fast food restaurant to the masses, then this template is definitely the way to go. Facebook is the best way to get people’s attention, and this template can be used to advertise your fast food restaurant in all types of Facebook posts.

Sushi Restaurant Facebook Cover


If people are craving for some amazingly prepared raw fish, then they would go to sushi restaurants. If you have yourself a sushi restaurant that you want to promote to your target audience on Facebook, then this template is definitely the way to go. The background is dark, which makes the colorful herbs and spices stand out in the design. The word “Sushi” in the middle also immediately grabs people’s attention with its bold, white-colored font.

With all these attractive free downloads available to you, it is easier than ever to get thousands of likes on your Facebook page. So, get them all today!

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