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The saying may go, “Out with the old, and in with the New,” but what if the old decides to make a comeback as authentic and as refreshing as before? Take a trip down memory lane with us as we bring back coveted grunge designs and paper textures that are as nostalgic as they are timeless.

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Common themes in our list are of the discolored, distorted, and distressed; perfect materials for backgrounds, wallpapers, and other tools for design. We’ve got all that and more for the avid designer of all things unconventional.

Grunge Textures

As grunge music emerged in the 80’s to counter the ingenuity of pop culture, the saturation of grunge in art and design was to stray from the structured and uptight corporate designs. Thus, grunge textures are often that of graffiti-like walls with murky colors and worn out paint. They are usually subdued and monochromatic to emphasize its raw and urban feel.

It’s a common misconception that grunge is entirely dirty and grimy, but that’s not always the case. Grunge textures can just as well provide a clean and subdued look to emphasize the designer’s main content. Their unique subtlety is what brings the whole design together to create an original finish.

Scratched Wall

This scratched wall texture is a fusion of rustic elegance with natural brown scratches and color accents against a white background. If you want a simple and clean finish to your designs, this would be the perfect choice.

Vector Grunge Texture

This design has a darker tone not just in color but in its overall mood. This design can be used for serious and heavy content to provide the appropriate ambiance while being captivating.


A rusty grunge texture is the embodiment of dirt and grime that perfectly captures the angst and intensity of the grunge era. It’s a stand-alone statement piece that is striking in its own right. Balance out this look with simple but bold texts and images.

Rock Tile

This grunge rock tile texture gives off a natural worn out and stained look you can incorporate in cards and posters. They are appropriate for the more underground and muted types of settings or events.


This design provides a subtle dystopian feel that’s completely understated and enigmatic. There are hints of technicolor with realistic scratches and cracks to bring out its grunge undertones.


Rusty Metal




Concrete Wall

Grain Background


Rusty Old Metal



Scratched Metal

Paper Texture

If you want to achieve that old-school look, use our paper textures to portray your inner angst and introspection as a designer. Paper texture is usually composed of creases, coffee cup stains and/or torn paper. Some have a dull and worn-out look to make the design more realistic.

However, paper texture is far from being dull once incorporated in design. You can use them as background images for your event flyers or websites to add more personality and charisma to your design.


It’s highly possible to achieve a clean and elegant look with this particular design. For the more lighthearted and delicate designs like wedding and luncheon invites, download and use this paper texture.


If you prefer something plain with little hints of vintage with an old paper texture quality finish, this wallpaper still captures the old-fashioned mood in a muted and natural color scheme.

Creased Gilded

This paper texture has a striking color that can capture anyone’s attention. With creases and a scratched surface, download this design for if you want a more intense and electric old-school look.



This look is for the more daring designs while remaining calm and subtle. If you want a plain background for your templates or wallpapers, but want to up your game with an edgy look, download this grainy and decorative paper texture.


This crumpled paper texture is suited for the more dainty and feminine designs while remaining edgy and filled with personality. This look is perfect for online flyers, wallpapers, and party invites.

Grungy Wrapping

For the more comical and quirky designer, this look screams a lot of charisma and boldness. Strike a balance in your themed flyers or invites without overdoing it with this texture.


Wood Textures

Wooden Texture Background

Wood Texture Night Shot


Floor Wood

Plywood Knotted

Weathered Outdoor

Wooden Warm Texture

Grass Textures

Grass Field

Short Grass

Seamless Grass Texture


Dark Colour

Thick Grass Texture

 Water Textures

Drop Rain


Realistic Water Texture



Detailed Water

Smoke Textures

White Smoke

Smoke Texture

Colourful Smoke Texture

Silky Smooth


Soft Smoke Texture

Transparent Smoke Texture

Vintage Textures

Vintage Wood Texture

Old Vintage Paper Texture

Dark Vintage Texture

Vintage Background Texture

Vintage Concrete Texture

Vintage Stain Texture

Vector Grunge Vintage Texture

Vintage Stone Texture

Scratch Textures

Black Background

Scratched Texture

Black & White Texture

Scratched Gold Metal

Scratched Metal Texture

Catango Scratch Texture

Scraped Metal Texture

Antarctica Scratch Texture

Melt Scratch Texture

Stone Textures

Stone Solid Wall Texture

Cracked Stone

Cladding Stone

Stone Vector Texture

Cracked Stone Texture

Realistic Stone Wall Texture

Cobblestone Road Ground

Grunge Stone Texture

Mixed Stone Textures

Lace Textures

Vector Purple Lace Texture

Cute Lace Texture

Lace Texture Vector

Lace Textures Vector

Lace Texture Pink

Lace Texture Pack

Leafy Lace Texture

Lace Texture Set

Seamless Textures

Metal Seamless Textures

Basketball Seamless Texture

Seamless Fabric Texture

Bronze Seamless Texture

Seamless Red Texture

Seamless Heart Texture

Old Paper Seamless Texture

Cartoon Wood Planks

Flat Rock Texture

Vector Seamless Texture

Leather Textures

Brown Leather Texture

Seamless Leather Texture

Black Leather

Pink Leather Texture

Leather Texture Pack

Metal Textures

Metal Grill Texture

Folded Metal Texture

Grey Metal Texture

Shiny Metallic Texture

Rust Metal Texture

Metal Diamond Plate

Black Dots

Golden Metal Texture

Vector Metal Texture

Unlike the glossy images and designs people usually go for, grunge and paper textures can create a bigger impact with their realistic and natural look. These designs try not to dive into bright and vivid patterns or designs, but when they do, there’s always a unique flair to it that makes it distinct.

Achieve that realistic look you’ve always wanted to design. Download our textures and get started!

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