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7+ Binder Mockups

Being in an office surrounded by colorful materials such as folders, binders, posters, notebooks, cabinets, and the like could definitely provide you with a sense of positivity and good vibes.

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If your eyes get tired or strained from constantly looking at the screen of your computer, you can shift your vision to where your colorful binders are located, and there you can feel relieved just by looking at items of strong colors and exuberance.If you want to place some colorful binders around you, you can scroll down and check for yourself our collection of different mockup designs ideal for the covering designs of binders, notebooks, and the like. Each template is downloadable and customizable. Check and be in awe with these binder designs.

Realistic Binder Mockup PSD


Ring Binder Mockup



Note Binder Mockup PSD


Photorealistic Binder Mockup


Advantages of Having a Design-Coded System on Binders and Folders

Excluding some businesses and companies which are already implementing a paperless scheme, those corporations whose basic operations still rely on paper forms for accounting and legal matters should have their own design-coded folders and binders in their filing system. Some of the advantages of having the said system include the following points:

  • Implementing a design-coded system for all folder and binder filings allows everyone to go through and retrieve the files easily if they are looking for something specific.
  • If there is one design per set or collection, everyone does not need to spend so much time gathering files of the same set because all are placed in an orderly manner.
  • Having various binder and folder designs displayed conspicuously across the office is both breath-taking and pleasing to look at. There is no need to invest in more interior decoration since these colorful binders are enough.
  • Misfiling will definitely go down if a design-coded system is implemented. Thus, data controllers and managers will become more effective with their job.
  • Office branding is also being practiced without extra charges when using design-coded binders and folders.

If you want to know more about folder designs, view some of our folder mockups.

Binder Office Folder Mockup


Blank Closed Binder Mockup


Open and Close Ring Binder Mockup


Free Floating Binder Mockup PSD


Common Users of Designed Binders and Folders

Designed binders, folders, and stationery are not exclusive for office and corporate use only. Other entities or groups of people can use them as well to their benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Students, especially those who are organized and would want to arrange their test papers, research, assignments, and projects accordingly. Furthermore, if they want to have their own personalized stationery, they may consider some stationery mockups as well.
  • Lawyers and other legal professionals who want to arrange their summons, legal forms, memorandum, and the like in an organized manner.
  • Accountants who prefer having their invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and delivery forms to be compiled accordingly.
  • Housewives who want to keep their monthly electric bills, water bills, Internet bills, school letters, invitation forms, and the like to be kept for references.
  • Photographers who want their photographs to be sorted individually or by group. They do not need to label each folder as the design would definitely speak for themselves.

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