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10+ Box Mock-ups

There are different kinds of boxes that are used in a variety of purposes. Some of them are just used to store items to assure that they are properly kept, while some boxes are given as containers of gifts and purchases. With the wide range of its usage, boxes should not only be usable but visually pleasing as well. This is the main reason why box mock-ups are created as they assure that the entire design of the box has been planned properly before putting the design into reality.

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We can provide you with mock-ups of different kinds of boxes in this article which you may all download for you to have guides in whatever box it is that you want to create. Moreover, we also have downloadable samples of other mock-up designs usable as additional references for different kinds of mock-ups that you may be interested in.

Pizza Box Mock-up


Food Box Mock-up


Package Box Mock-up


Cardboard Box Mock-up


Gift Box Mock-up


Usage of Box Mock-ups

Box mock-ups can be used for the following purposes:

  • It can be done if an entity would like to create the box that they will use to put their food items. A few of them are as follows:
    • Boxes can contain pizzas and other baked items. This allows the food to be warm and can still be eaten even if ordered for to go.
    • There are also other food items that may be stored in a box like rice meals, noodles, rolls, and many more.
  • Box mock-ups can also be used to identify the brand of different establishments. It can be used in any of the following instances:
    • It can be used by online shops to create the design for the package boxes.
    • It can be used by physical shops to contain the purchases of their clients.
  • Box mock-ups can be used to design the gift boxes for special occasions, events, and gatherings. It can also be applied as a design testing phase for businesses who offers box products for souvenirs and other purposes.

For more specific samples of box mock-ups, you may download our gift box mock-ups at the link provided.

Box PSD Mock-up


Shoe Box Mock-up


Kraft Paper Box Mock-up


Software Box Mock-up


3D Box Mock-up


Guidelines in Creating Box Mock-ups

If you will use box mock-ups for the purpose that you want it to serve, here are some guidelines that you may follow:

  • Assure that you are aware of the usage of the box that you will design.
  • Identify the different items that are involved in box design creation like the box size, the shape of the box, the colors that you will use and the materials that will serve as the box foundation.
  • Create pegs and design inspirations either on your mind or list it on a paper so you can be guided while creating the box mock-up.

Other Kinds of Box Mock-ups

Aside from the items that have been discussed above, here are other kinds of box mock-ups that are also available for download from this page:

  • Square box mock-up. We can provide you with more samples of square box mockups in the link provided.
  • Cardboard box mock-up
  • Shoe box mock-up
  • Kraft paper box mock-up
  • Software box mock-up
  • 3D box mock-up

With the samples and guides that we have provided, we hope that you can already fully maximize the usage of box mock-ups in achieving the box design that you want to have and is appropriate for the project that you are currently doing.

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