8+ Chocolate Packaging Mockups


Chocolate is a food made from the roasted and grounded seeds of the cacao plant, which is then turned into cocoa powder to be used for chocolate production. The color that is mostly associated with a chocolate is brown. Yet nowadays, chocolates vary in color and it usually depends on the flavor that is being added to them or how strong their taste is. They also vary in taste ranging from sweet up to bitter depending on how they will be used and on how chocolate companies want their products to taste like. A chocolate may be eaten as is or may be used as an ingredient for meal preparation, especially for desserts.

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With many varieties of chocolates and companies who are in the same market, chocolates must not only taste good, but they should also look good. A chocolate packaging can be a factor that can help the sales performance of a specific chocolate brand. We have chocolate packaging mockup designs and other mockups as well that you may all download and print.

Chocolate Bar Packaging Mockup

chocolate bar packaging mockupDownload

Free PSD Chocolate Packaging Mockup

free psd chocolate packaging mockupDownload

Candy Chocolate Mockup in PSD

candy chocolate mockup psdDownload

Food Chocolate Packaging Mockup

food chocolate packaging mockupDownload

Candy Wrapper Mockup in PSD

candy wrapper mockup psdDownload

In selecting a packaging for a chocolate, these things must be considered:

  • The color of the packaging should have something to do with the flavor of the chocolate or the other ingredient that acts as one of the main components of the chocolate. It may not be the background color of the packaging, but there should be a touch of it any way you want to present it.
  • Packaging of chocolates should be appealing. As much as your chocolate product is tasty, you should let the market see it through the way that you present it. They must believe in the product first by its visual impact before they actually choose to taste it.
  • A chocolate packaging should be unique as it does not only represent the chocolate flavor inside it but also the company that produced it. It is also a way of assuring that the chocolate will stand out when put besides its competitors on different market stands.
  • Chocolate packaging must have the list of all ingredients used to create the specific chocolate. This will help people to know if there are allergens that are included in the production of the chocolate that they want to buy. This will prevent customer complaints in the future.

Aside from chocolate packaging mockups, we have other packaging mockups that you may be interested to look at.

Chocolate Packaging Box Mockup

chocolate packaging box mockupDownload

Candy Bar Packaging Mockup

candy bar packaging mockupDownload

Cookie Bar Wrapper Mockup

cookie bar wrapper mockupDownload

Foil Packaging Mockup in PSD

foil packaging mockup psdDownload

Chocolate packaging mockups and chocolate box mockups serve as guides on how these chocolates can be wrapped for the benefit of the company who created them. These mockups can serve as references for future chocolate cover designs.

Chocolate packaging plays a big role in the following circumstances:

  • It helps consumers identify your product and can promote both brand awareness and brand loyalty.
  • It gives the consumers an expectation in terms of the taste of your product and the other main items that you’ve included in the chocolate.
  • It allows your target market to know details about your product, and from there, they can already identify if your chocolates suit their taste in terms of flavor profile.
  • Chocolate packaging is a key factor on how your product will place in the market. Better chocolate packaging can have a greater influence in the buying process.

If you are to create a chocolate packaging, make sure that it looks good as how your products taste good.


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