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11+ Frame Mock-ups

Frames could showcase anything that you want to be seen by others. You could frame a certificate of your achievement, a photograph with your best friends, or even just a single quote you want to be reminded of all the time. How could frames not beautify homes, schools, and offices?

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Is there anything you want to display on a frame? Photographs or any other things that’s of sentimental value to you perhaps? Check out these frame mock-up designs and get the best ideas on how you should put up some of your most treasured photographs. These shouldn’t just be ordinary ones as you could get yourself in any design and style as you please.

Free PSD Frame Mock-up

Photo Frame Mock-up

Poster Frame Mock-up

Wall Frame Mock-up

Square Frame Mock-up

Photorealistic Frame Mock-up

Vintage Frame Mock-up

The Perfect Frame Mock-up

Are you looking for the perfect frame mock-up? You have to pick from a variety and see which ones are fit for any setting or space. You could pick anything that would complement your workspace or something that improves the ambiance of your desk, your entire room, or any area that you would like.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right frame for certain areas and specific purposes of it. Here are the three most observed factors to consider when getting your own frame:

  • Color. You will surely have a hard time picking out the right blend of colors for an ideal frame. All you have to do is be informed or know of the surroundings of where you intend to put up your frame. Pick out a certain theme for it so that it would look neat and organized and there you would have it.
  • Border. You might want borders that are wooden, lace, made of steel, plastic, and a lot more material. You have to choose the right borders for your frame as there are a variety of thick and thin ones. There could also be plain and minimalist designs that you might like.
  • Size. It would all depend on the size of the photo or certificate or anything at all that you want to be framed. Some pick frames in different sizes and consider it a form of art, while others also keep their style by using frames that have the same sizes.

To get the perfect frame mock-up, you have to consider these three factors above mentioned. Your creativity will take you to different blends of colors, border designs, and frame sizes. Check out these poster frame mock-ups and see if these ones fit perfectly to whatever you have in mind.

Art Frame Mock-up

Black Frame Mock-up

Picture Frame Mock-up


Elegant Frame Mock-up

Studio Frame Mock-up


Frame Display

When choosing the right photo frame mock-ups, you would also start thinking of ways on how it should be presented. Take these suggestions on how you should display your frames:

  • Tabletop frames. This is the most common way of displaying your frames. This could be placed on tabletops literally like that of the your workspace, desk, and different areas in your own home or in your office station.
  • Hanging frames. Hanging frames are ideal for almost anywhere. As long as it has a hook on its back, it would be be readily displayed in a hanging position. Others also prefer this type of display as it does not occupy too much space and would add decoration to bare walls.

Choose the right frames for an ideal area that would look better with it. Be mindful of the factors that could practically make a frame more attractive and appealing to its audience.

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