45+ Hoodie Templates – Free PSD, EPS, TIFF Format Download!

The internet is full of all sorts of black hoodie template, some good and some plain boring. So unless you take your time to browse through what is available, you can be sure you will end up with a couple of picks that are somewhat boring, and may not be useful for your next project. Believe me when I say that the internet is somewhat a dumping place for all sorts of hoodie templates psd, which is why you need to take your time to browse through a collection of the available to end up with the best pick only. You can also see Creative & Cool T-Shirts Designs.

hoodie templates

The problem is that it is going to take you quite a lot of time browsing through different pages on Google to get the best templates. But what if you had a platform where you can get only high quality template with a simple click of a URL? It would be a great experience for real. see this UI PSD Templates.

Hoodie templates are used by clothes and apparel designers to showcase their products on their website or online store to give their viewers and customers a realistic view of the hoodie. These templates are detailed and give high quality views to the potential customer. These templates cover a wide range of requirements and are pretty diverse. There are different PSD templates for different seasons, people, different styles (stringed, with/without zippers, pull-over, hoodies for women and men etc).

> Visibility

A lot of times a product looks different on the screen from what is delivered to the customer. This leaves the buyer, dissatisfied and prevents their return to the store or leads them to write a bad review. Both of which are counter-productive to the business. These hoodie design templates are in high definition and look crisp and realistic. The viewer gets a decent idea about how the cloth texture is, and the colors are as accurate as they can get. So you don’t have to stick with just black hoodie templates. These hoodie vector templates are quick to load and stable thanks to good coding.

> Designs

The graffiti, logo and design of the jacket and hoodie PSD templates take the spotlight and direct the focus of the customer to the crux of your apparel. Make most of these realistic mock-up jacket templates to show your customers the little details such as the stitching, the folds, creases and shapes etc. The various templates here are made so that the background fits for the hoodie. The colors outside the hoodie compliment the colors inside and reflect the overall theme of the apparel. Multi-angle views, side views project how the hoodie will fit the body. You may also see T-shirt PSD Templates

Christmas Hoodie Mock-Up

christmas hoodie mock up

10 Pullover Hoodie Mockups Template PSD

0 pullover hoodie mockups template psd

With the 10 Pullover Hoodie Mockups Template PSD, display the designs on readymade photo shoots with real models. Get the template jacket hoodie photoshop which offers vintage Photo filter actions, displacement mapping, high res PSD layouts etc.

Premium Elephant Hoodie Download

premium elephant hoodie download

For designing pullovers, tee’s, jackets etc. the Premium Elephant Hoodie Download is a trusted option. it offers sweetshirt mockup free with smart-object work on displace maps. Organized layers with illustrated user guide make it a favourite for designers.

Zip Up Hoodie Tee Collection Mockup PSD Format

zip up hoodie tee collection mockup psd format

Women Hoodie Mock-up 6 PSD File Format Download

women hoodie mock up 6 psd file format download

Dark shades of hoodies are a favourite among designers and Women Hoodie Mock-up 6 PSD File Format Download has black hoodie template offering high res pixel files, transparent background, organized layers, popular custom colours, to design best women hoodies and jackets.

Casual Loki Costume Hoodie Download

casual loki costume hoodie download

Powered with plenty of customizable hooide psd, jacket mock up psd, Casual Loki Costume Hoodie Download has plenty of PSD files, front, back, & side view and high res images to make the designs on jackets, t-shirts look real!

Hoodie Mockup Men’s Edition PSD Download

hoodie mockup mens edition psd download

Ideal for ladies pullover and zipper hoodies, the Hoodie Mockup Men’s Edition PSD Download has different views like back, front or side views, plethora of px sizes, can change the zip colours easily, smart layers, jacket mock up psd, printable hoodie template etc.

Men Hoodie Mock-up 11 PSD Files Download

men hoodie mock up 11 psd files download

With the hoodie template illustrator, the Men Hoodie Mock-up 11 PSD Files Download can create catalogue or build website to display hoodie fleece designs. PSD scenes, changeable hoodie colour, editable design via smart objects, high res images in dpi are its other properties.

Women Hoodie Mock-up Product in PSD Format Download

women hoodie mock up product in psd format download

Women Hoodie Mock-up Product in PSD Format Download is a premium quality mock-up option and is perfect for branding projects pertaining to hoodie fleece designs, laces, zip colors etc. It has changeable laces, hoodie color, zip colors, and supports Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Hoodie Mock-Up Urban Edition Download in PSD

hoodie mock up urban edition download in psd

Edit the hoodie, laces, zip colors and use the smart layer to apply the best designs for tees, jackets etc. with Hoodie Mock-Up Urban Edition Download in PSD which also has printable hoodie template, jacket mock up psd, customizable hooide psd etc.

Zip-Up Hoodie Mockup Kit Template Download

zip up hoodie mockup kit template download

To create unique hoodies with Zip-Up Hoodie Mockup Kit Template Download is a great idea as it has hoodie template illustrator, template jacket hoodie Photoshop along with well-organised structure, easy-to-use clipping masks, preset colours etc.

Download Medium Geometric Hoodie Template

download medium geometric hoodie template

To let your clients know exactly how the finished design will look on the hoodies, get the Download Medium Geometric Hoodie Template which also has zip up unique hoodies, easy-to-use clipping masks, well organised layers etc.

Ladies Hoodie Mockup Photoshop PSD Download

ladies hoodie mockup photoshop psd download

Multiple displace maps, plenty of psd files, well organized layers, printable hoodie template, Ladies Hoodie Mockup Photoshop PSD Download has all the features to be used for creating exclusive designs for tees, jackets or hoodies.

Premium Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup PSD Download

premium ladies ghosted hoodie mockup psd download

Use the Premium Ladies Ghosted Hoodie Mockup PSD Download to create customizable hooide psd which can be used for both ladies pullover and zipper hoodies. Check the model shot on back, front and side views with their own single clipping masks.

Branding Hoodie Mock-Up PSD Layered Download

branding hoodie mock up psd layered download

Mens Hoodie Template Front & Back View

mens hoodie template front back view

Hoodie Mockup PSDs Template

hoodie mockup psds template

Blue Colour Hoodie Template Vector Illustration


blue colour hoodie template vector illustration

Hoodie Mockup Template

hoodie mockup template

Men Hoodie Shirts Template

men hoodie shirts template

Hoodie Mockup Men Edition Templates

hoodie mockup men edition templates

Zip-Up Hoodie Mockup Templates

zip up hoodie mockup templates

Realistic Women Clothing Mock Ups

realistic women clothing mockups 374x210

Set Of Black And White Male Hoodies

set of black and white male hoodies

Men’s Hoodie Mockup PSD

mens hoodie mockup psdDownload

Female Hoodie and Baseball Cap

female hoodie and baseball cap

Plain Long Sleeve Hooded Sweat Shirt Templates

plain long sleeve hooded sweat shirt templates


Zipup Hoodie Mockup Template

zipup hoodie mockup template

Zip Up Hoodie Tee Collection Mockup Template

zip up hoodie tee collection mockup template

Blank Men Raglan Hoodie In Front, Back And Side Views

blank men raglan hoodie in front back and side views

Hoodie Sweatshirt Mockup Template

hoodie sweatshirt mockup template

Realistic Men Hoodie Template

realistic men hoodie template

Men Hoodie Sweat Shirt With Pocket Template

men hoodie sweat shirt with pocket template

ShirtMockup Apparel Mockup PSD Collection Template

shirtmockup apparel mockup psd collection templateDownload

Amazing Hoodie Template

amazing hoodie template

Zippered Hoodie Mockup Templates

zippered hoodie mockup templatesDownload

Best Hoodie Templates

best hoodie templates

Top Hoodie Template

top hoodie template

Zecora Hoodie Templates

zecora hoodie templates

Hoodie Collection Template

hoodie collection template

Hoodie Design Creeper Template

hoodie design creeper template

Bunny Hoodie Template

bunny hoodietemplate

Top Hoodie Template

top hoodie template

Hoodie Illustrator Template

hoodie illustrator template

Hoodie Collection Templates

hoodie collection templates

Hoodie Free Vector Templates

hoodie free vector templatesDownload

Hoodie Vector Template

hoodie vectortemplateDownload

You will find exactly that on this page. Here, you will find only high quality hoodie design templates (hoodies for women), which you can use for the best results ever. You will find a variety of templates on this page for sure, and this means you have access to high quality hoodie templates of different designs/layout.

> Types and varieties:

The half and half templates let you show the different colors on the same hoodie or the different graffiti on the same jacket, very useful as it saves space. Show various angles and designs of the apparel using the templates that have multi images. Also the dedicated color templates show the various shades that the hoodie is available in. Use your own images in HD to let the buyer see the little details, this is especially handy when your jackets or hoodies have texts or quotes.

> Improvise and innovate

The customizable jacket templates here are one of a kind when it comes to editing and innovation. You can make changes in the design layout, the color schemes and image adjustment etc. Photoshop the hoodie templates and make changes in the jacket and sweatshirt viewing angles, colors, logo, graffiti etc. They are all printable templates
So you can make the changes, print ‘em out and stick ‘em up. You cam further innovate by adding your watermark or logo to the template around the corners or even on the apparel itself to prevent copycats. You may also see T-Shirts Designs

> Benefits

These hoodie vector templates are one of the most diverse collections of customizable mock up templates that are on the web. They are printable and size friendly and at the same time designed with diligence to highlight your apparel’s design and style. The high picture quality and responsiveness is bound to get the viewer’s attention. The various types of templates means that whether you are looking for minimalist templates that emphasize on simplicity or something more elaborate, you will find them here. You can always make changes later thanks to the customization options. The best part about these mock up jacket and hoodie templates is that they do not strive to emulate the existing templates on the web, but are quite unique in design and style. They are exactly what your website or online store needs, and you can download them here. You may also see Cool T-Shirt Designs

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