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6+ Indoor Billboard Mock-ups

Ever seen those indoor advertising billboards inside malls and buildings? Do they catch your attention? If yes, then it has served its purpose. The world of advertising is continually expanding its creative boundaries to reach out to the audiences. There’s actually a lot that goes on behind making one from the advertisements to the design. If you are planning to make one of your own, we have some great Billboard Mock-ups for you to choose from.

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We also have some helpful tips to guide you before getting started. Here are some reasons why indoor advertising is effective in reaching out to the market.

Indoor Billboard Advertising Mock-up

Indoor Billboard Poster Mock-up

Why Indoor Advertising Works

  • It builds awareness for your brand. Placing the right message and making the right design is not enough to build your brand. You have to go beyond the regular methods of advertising other than the usual commercials and posters. Indoor billboards certainly have an edge when it comes to exposure. While indoor, people cannot avoid but noticing the ad since it cannot be turned off, so it consistently displays your company’s message.
  • Lands at the right place and the right time. Since indoor billboards can be placed anywhere, you can choose a good spot to place the ad where it can benefit the image of your company. Whether you’re reaching out to a specific age group or a specific working class of people, you can place the billboard at the area they usually go to. This allows you to expose your business to potential customers.
  • Reaches areas your company needs to expand. For your business to gain market share in a specific area—be it on another continent or within the country—indoor billboards can certainly expose your company within the targeted area.
  • It is accurate. Indoor billboards are the only advertising media you can choose that will pinpoint your target customers accurately. Examples are locations by income, area of town or city, working class/profession, lifestyle, gender, and age.

Check out more Poster Mock-ups on our website if you couldn’t find what you were looking for here.

Indoor Shopping Mall Billboard Mockup

Indoor Blank Billboard Mockup

Indoor Subway Billboard Mockup

Creative Indoor Billboard Mockup

How Much Does It Usually Cost?

When choosing this form of advertisement, the return on investment (ROI) should always be considered. Luckily enough, indoor billboards do not cost that much at all. The price for indoor billboards depends on the locations you have selected.

From bars and nightclubs, malls, entertainment establishments and even upscale restaurants. Due to its low price range and cost per impression, this advertising method is known as an economical choice for most companies and can bring up value for pennies per spot.

Other Benefits You Can Gain from Indoor Billboards

  • You can attain a high amount of viewership. Indoor billboards can achieve this by constantly being viewed by the public in the area of the ad.
  • It captivates audiences. People usually take their time in places such as restrooms and this amount of time can get the person to view your ad.
  • Wasting no time in advertising since it is not limited and restricted. The only time indoor ads are inactive are the times when the establishments where they are put up are closed. However, on business hours, your indoor ads are there in full view for your potential clients to see.

We hope this segment was informative and helpful! If you want to browse through more Advertising Mock-ups, you can check out our website.

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