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9+ iPad Mockups

Nowadays, you can find and make mockups of all kinds of things, such as gadgets like the iPad. These mockup designs can make for very useful tools as they can provide you with a simulated version of something, which you can use to test related tools and resources.

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Most people might associate mockups with advertisements, rather than with objects like iPads. But of course, you can find all kinds of mockups, even for software and hardware, because mockups can ultimately be used to simulate a thing before making a physical version. So, it is no surprise that you can find and use these kinds of mockups.

Realistic iPad Mockup


Free PSD iPad Mockup


Flat iPad Mockup


iPad in Hand Mockup


Photorealistic iPad Mockup



What You Can Use iPad Mockups For?

You need not worry that iPads are the only device for which you can find mockups, as there are other Apple device mockups available if you need them instead. But no matter the device, you can use the mockups for more or less the same purposes, such as:

  • You can use the mockup to help design an iPad by giving you a software copy that you can a “prototype” of sorts.
  • The mockup may also let you test out an iPad’s user interface, so that you can have a visualization of what the interface looks like before you actually do anything.
  • The mockup also lets you make changes to your work with ease, so you can avoid making major changes to a physical copy and the resulting delays.

Which Aspects of an iPad Can You Edit?

While some of these choices allow you to edit mockups of iPads, you can also edit smaller aspects of the software, making these selections a welcome tool for programmers.

  • One thing you can edit is the background, which would let you select how you want your screen to appear. You could decide on a color, or use images if you wanted.
  • You also have the option of choosing a theme for your apps as a whole, so that you can find something that suits your preferences.

iPad Mini Mockup


iPad Screen Mockup


iPad Air Mockup


iPad Photo Mockup


iPhone and iPad Mockup in PSD


Tips for Working with iPad Mockups

Like any other work with mockups, there are some tips that you may find useful. These tips can help you with your work with mockups in general, such as with iPhone Mockups. In the end, you are still working with mockups, just of different devices.

  • Remember not to overdo the design, as this could complicate work later down the line. It might help to keep your work simple so as not to cause delays.
  • Also remember to be realistic, so that you can keep realistic goals and expectations even when building your mockups. This can also keep you focused on the finished product and keep you from going astray.
  • You should also remember to be meticulous. As the mockup is effectively your prototype, you should make it as well designed as possible. All the issues that could emerge should appear in the mockup as much as possible. This keeps those issues from arising at a later stage and causing more setbacks for your work.

These iPad mockups, like other mockups, can be an invaluable tool for you to design either the hardware or software. Either way, you can have a basic model that you can experiment with and modify without having to make very drastic changes.


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