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9+ Landscape Billboard Mock-ups

Billboards are used to provide information about an event, a gathering, or a product being offered by a business. It can also be used to showcase the services and other items that one can acquire from an entity who will use a billboard for marketing and advertising purposes. There are a lot of businesses, especially those whose operations are big in terms of scale and market reach, that use billboards to assure that they are well represented in the market and that they are visible enough to create client retention and public trust.

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We can provide you with landscape billboard mock-ups and other kinds of Billboard Mock-ups, which you may download so you can have guides and references in creating the billboard that you will use for your company.

Garden Landscape Billboard Mock-up


Landscape Ad Billboard Mock-up


Free PSD Landscape Billboard Mock-up


Square Landscape Billboard Mock-up


Street Landscape Billboard Mock-up

Guidelines in Creating Landscape Billboard Mock-ups

If you are tasked to create a landscape billboard mock-up by the company where you currently work at, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • Be aware of the items that are needed to be present in the billboard. You need to identify the proper placement of information as landscape billboards require a perspective that is appropriate for its format.
  • Identify whether the expected output of the business is more pleasing to look at should it be placed through a landscape billboard. Usually, landscape billboards are great for wide photographs and items that have more information compared to those of a vertical billboard.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment as there are different techniques that you can apply in a landscape billboard. Be reminded that a mock-up is created for this reason; so that you can edit more without compromising the budget of the business and so that it will be easier for you to do touch-ups and revisions.
  • Acknowledge the location where the billboard will be placed. Assure that the landscape billboard will not be congested and it will properly fit on the frame or the space where it is supposed to be at.

Other than our samples of landscape billboard mock-up templates, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples and templates of Advertising Mock-ups.


Photo-realistic Landscape Billboard Mock-up


Creative Landscape Billboard Mock-up

Landscape Billboard Poster Mock-up


Landscape Outdoor Billboard Mock-up


Landscape Blank Billboard Mock-up

Reasons for Creating Landscape Billboard Mock-ups

A few reasons why a mock-up is needed in creating a landscape billboard are as follows:

  • Landscape billboard mock-ups assure that the billboard that will be used is fit for the business’s brief.
  • Creating a mock-up first allows the company to decide whether there are still editing that are needed to be done in the overall design of the landscape billboard
  • It will be cheaper for the company to create changes should there be a document that can show the concept of the expected final product first before the actual landscape billboard creation.
  • Landscape billboard mock-ups serve as a document that the stakeholders of the business may check so they can input their comments and recommendations regarding the billboard that will be used.

Kinds of Landscape Billboard Mock-ups

A few samples of landscape billboard mock-ups which you may download from this page are as follows:

  • Garden landscape billboard mock-up
  • Landscape ad billboard mock-up
  • Square landscape billboard mock-up
  • Street landscape billboard mock-up
  • Photo-realistic landscape billboard mock-up
  • Creative landscape billboard mock-up
  • Landscape billboard poster mock-up
  • Landscape outdoor billboard mock-up

Other than our landscape billboard mock-up samples and templates, you may also want to download our samples of Poster Mock-ups.

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