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9+ Paper Bag Mock-ups

A paper bag has many functions which can start from handling grocery items up to containing the clothes that we buy when we shop for our wardrobe. A paper bag is not just a simple tool used to hold items. It can actually be a powerful tool used in marketing and branding as the store where it is from can be identified with the kind of paper bag that they provide for their customers.

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We can provide you with different samples of paper bag mock-ups if you need to have references in designing the paper bag that you may need for a particular purpose. Other than our samples of paper bag mock-up templates, you may also use our other mock-up designs as guides if you want to create the overall appearance of other products and packaging that you are tasked to design.

Shopping Paper Bag Mock-up


Free PSD Paper Bag Mock-up


Realistic Paper Bag Mock-up PSD


Brown Paper Bag Mock-up


Designing a Paper Bag

A mock-up allows you to design a paper bag without even using real items involved in its creation. Here are a few design ideas that you may apply in the paper bag that you will make:

  • You can stick to the usual brown paper bag design that most companies use. However, you can take a spin on it by adding a variation of textures or you can also use a different shade of the color brown so it can be more identified as the paper bag used by the specific business.
  • Black paper bags are always classy, but it is highly suggested to be used to hold clothing items rather than baby and food products.
  • You may create a specially crafted paper bag where distortions on its shape, size, and structure can provide an eye-catching appeal that will make people curious about the brand where it is from.
  • You may also create different sizes of paper bags, especially if the business who will use it has a variety of product offerings in different sizes.
  • Make colorful paper bags if your business is focused on providing products for kids like toys, candies, and the likes.
  • Your paper bag design may also contain digital prints and other specialized designs.

Aside from our paper bag mock-up design templates, you may also be interested to download and browse through our samples and templates of different shopping bag mock-ups for additional references.

Kraft Paper Bag Mock-up


Product Paper Bag Mock-up


Black Paper Bag Mock-up


Big and Small Paper Bags Mock-up


Paper cookie Bag Mock-up


Kinds of Products

Creating a paper bag must depend on the product that it will hold not only for the purpose of aesthetic but also for practicality. A few products that a paper bag may hold are as follows:

  • Clothes, accessories, jewelries, and shoes
  • Food items like sandwiches, bakery products, cookies, and cakes
  • Products of coffee shops
  • Grocery items
  • Different bottles and containers

Guidelines in Creating a Paper Bag Mock-Up

Aside from the practicality that knowing the products that will be held by a paper bag can provide, a few more of the guidelines that you can follow in creating a paper bag design through a mock-up are as follows:

  • Know the brand and its ideals about design, aesthetic, and company representation.
  • Know the market of the brand and assure that the paper bag design will cater to their design choice.
  • Assure that you are aware of the sizes, weight, and quality of the products to be put in the paper bag.
  • Create a paper bag that is functional but is also pleasing to the eye.

Other than our paper bag mock-up samples and templates, our samples of coffee bag mock-ups are also available for you to browse and download.

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