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A paper bag has many functions which can start from handling grocery items up to containing the clothes that we buy when we shop for our wardrobe. A paper bag is not just a simple tool used to hold items. It can actually be a powerful tool used in marketing and branding as the store where it is from can be identified with the kind of paper bag that they provide for their customers.

We can provide you with different samples of paper bag mock-ups if you need to have references in designing the paper bag that you may need for a particular purpose. Other than our samples of paper bag mock-up templates, you may also use our other mock-up designs as guides if you want to create the overall appearance of other products and packaging that you are tasked to design.

Shopping Paper Bag Mock-up

shopping paper bag mockupDownload

Free PSD Paper Bag Mock-up

free psd paper bag mockupDownload

Realistic Paper Bag Mock-up PSD

realistic paper bag mockup psdDownload

Paper Coffee Bag Mock-up

paper coffee bag mockupDownload

Brown Paper Bag Mock-up

brown paper bag mockup1 Download

Designing a Paper Bag

A mock-up allows you to design a paper bag without even using real items involved in its creation. Here are a few design ideas that you may apply in the paper bag that you will make:

  • You can stick to the usual brown paper bag design that most companies use. However, you can take a spin on it by adding a variation of textures or you can also use a different shade of the color brown so it can be more identified as the paper bag used by the specific business.
  • Black paper bags are always classy, but it is highly suggested to be used to hold clothing items rather than baby and food products.
  • You may create a specially crafted paper bag where distortions on its shape, size, and structure can provide an eye-catching appeal that will make people curious about the brand where it is from.
  • You may also create different sizes of paper bags, especially if the business who will use it has a variety of product offerings in different sizes.
  • Make colorful paper bags if your business is focused on providing products for kids like toys, candies, and the likes.
  • Your paper bag design may also contain digital prints and other specialized designs.

Aside from our paper bag mock-up design templates, you may also be interested to download and browse through our samples and templates of different shopping bag mock-ups for additional references.

Kraft Paper Bag Mock-up

kraft paper bag mockupDownload

Product Paper Bag Mock-up

product paper bag mockupDownload

Black Paper Bag Mock-up

black paper bag mockupDownload

Big and Small Paper Bags Mock-up

big and small paper bags mockupDownload

Paper cookie Bag Mock-up

paper cookie bag mockupDownload

Kinds of Products

Creating a paper bag must depend on the product that it will hold not only for the purpose of aesthetic but also for practicality. A few products that a paper bag may hold are as follows:

  • Clothes, accessories, jewelries, and shoes
  • Food items like sandwiches, bakery products, cookies, and cakes
  • Products of coffee shops
  • Grocery items
  • Different bottles and containers

Guidelines in Creating a Paper Bag Mock-Up

Aside from the practicality that knowing the products that will be held by a paper bag can provide, a few more of the guidelines that you can follow in creating a paper bag design through a mock-up are as follows:

  • Know the brand and its ideals about design, aesthetic, and company representation.
  • Know the market of the brand and assure that the paper bag design will cater to their design choice.
  • Assure that you are aware of the sizes, weight, and quality of the products to be put in the paper bag.
  • Create a paper bag that is functional but is also pleasing to the eye.

Other than our paper bag mock-up samples and templates, our samples of coffee bag mock-ups are also available for you to browse and download.

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