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9+ Roll-up Mock-ups

Roll-up banners are used by companies as one of their marketing tools. There are many ways that a roll-up banner may be used depending on the purpose why it has been made, the event where it will be used, and the location of its placement. Roll-up banners need to be comprehensive and attractive which are the reasons why the design planning is very essential before its actual creation.

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A roll-up mock-up can help a lot in creating a well created roll-up banner design. We can provide you with samples of roll-up mock-ups in this post. More so, if you need more samples of other mock-ups to serve as your references, our Mock-up Template samples are available for download as well.

Free Roll-up Mock-up


Roll-up Banner Mock-up


Roll-up Mock-up in PSD


Usages of Roll-up Banners

A roll-up banner may be used for the following purposes:

  • Roll-up banners are commonly used by companies as displays in their hallways. It can be for any of the following reasons:
    • Roll-up banners are easy to set up.
    • Companies can change various roll-up banner displays depending on the content of the information that they want to relay to their employees.
    • Roll-up banners may be placed with a banner standee or it can also be hanged in various locations where it can easily be seen by the employees and other stakeholders of the business.
  • Roll-up banners are usually brought during trade fairs and other conventions where the company who will use it is participating. Companies may choose to use a roll-up banner rather than regular banners due to the following:
    • Roll-up banners are easy to carry.
    • Roll-up banners can be organized faster which is very essential especially during the ingress of exhibits and other events.
    • There are only limited spaces given to participants of trade events, which makes it very beneficial for companies to display information and other items related to the brand of the business without sacrificing space.

Other than our samples of roll-up banner mock-ups, our templates of Branding Mock-up and Animated Photoshop Mock-ups are also available for download.

Roll-up Presentation Banner Mock-up


Photoshop Roll-up Mock-up


Blank Roll-up Mock-up


Extra Wide Roll Up Banner Stand Mock-Up

Roll-up Stand Vector Mock-up


Why Is There a Need for a Roll-up Mock-Up?

A roll-up mock-up is needed to be created for the following reasons:

  • Some roll-up banners are purchased in bulk. The design of the roll-up banner must be error free and ready for printing. Using a roll-up mock-up can help the business to assure that they have already properly edited the document before it is sent to the printing establishment.
  • Roll-up mock-up allows the business management to identify the placement of roll-up banners in a specific location. Here, they can already decide whether to use a banner stand or to just hang the roll-up banner depending on how it can affect the appearance of the vicinity where it will be placed.
  • Roll-up mock-ups help the designer of the roll-up banner to gather feedback about the specific banner design that s/he is creating. Having a roll-up mock-up will allow him or her to easily edit items for revisions and to incorporate the suggestions given by people who are included in the design processes needed to be implemented in the roll-up banner.
  • Roll-up mock-ups can easily pin point the strengths and weaknesses of the roll-up banner. Creating a roll-up mock can help the management to identify the information that the banner lacks or the design that is applied in the banner which seems to be inappropriate or unpleasant hence should be edited or replaced.

Aside from our samples and templates of roll-up mock-ups, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of PSD Mock-ups.

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