9+ Sketchbook Mock-ups


A mock-up is used to identify the final design of a material. It is very important for a mock-up to be created in the design phase of an item as it allows the corrections of errors without using a big budget. One of the items that can be planned in terms of its design is a sketchbook. This item may be too simple but there are a lot of things that are needed to be considered before its actual creation.

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This post is a collection of sketchbook mock-ups that you may use as references in creating the design of the sketchbook that you would like to materialize. Other than that, we can also provide you with samples of other mock-up designs from our website for additional references.

Photorealisitc Sketchbook Mock-up

photorealisitc sketchbook mockup Download

Hand Drawn Sketchbook Mock-up

hand drawn sketchbook mockup3 Download

Free PSD Sketchbook Mock-up

free psd sketchbook mockup2 Download

Realistic Sketchbook Mock-up


realistic sketchbook mockup1 Download

Sketchbook and Coffee Cup Mock-up

sketchbook and coffee cup mockup4 Download

Why Is It Important to Create a Mock-up?

Mock-ups will give you a physical representation rather than a digital one in which this allows you to gauge how the final product will appear prior to any last-minute changes. Here are a few of the reasons why you should create a sketchbook mock-up:

  • With the use of a mock-up, you can identify the size or dimensions of the sketchbook that you want to create. This will also help you to base the dimensions on the needs of your target market.
  • Creating a mock-up can also help you to design the cover of the sketchbook. Some modifications may be done through various design phases depending on the branding that you want to incorporate to the sketchbook.
  • Through the use of a sketchbook mock-up, you can easily digitally manipulate the expected look of the items that will be drawn to the sketchbook pages once they are already filled up. This can help you to have sample materials that you can show to your prospective clients.

Other than our sketchbook mock-ups, our samples of book mock-ups are also available for download.

Watercolor Sketchbook Mock-up

watercolor sketchbook mockup1 Download

Note Sketchbook Mock-up

note sketchbook mockup Download

Art Book Mock-up PSD

art book mockup psd1 Download

Sketchbook Cover Mock-up

sketchbook cover mock up Download

iPhone and Sketchbook Mock-up

iphone and sketchbook mockup Download

Guidelines in Creating Sketchbook Mock-ups

First and foremost, you need a vector graphics editor to lay out your mock-up. Next, keep these suggestions that you may follow in mind in creating a sketchbook mock-up:

  • Make sure that the design aesthetic of your business will be reflected in the design of the sketchbook mock-up.
  • If possible, place the sketchbook mock-up in various backgrounds so you can see how it will look like in different environments where it may be placed by your clients.
  • Assure that all the items that are needed to be planned out in terms of the designs and materials that should be used in the sketchbook creation are included in the mock-up.
  • Compare your sketchbook mock-ups to other mock-ups of the same kind or even on existing products so you can assess whether your sketchbook will standout from its competitors should it be available for purchase already.

Make sure to follow these guidelines and it will be easier for you to identify whether your sketchbook mock-up is effective and  efficient or not. Other than our samples of sketchbook mock-ups, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of notebook mock-ups in the provided link.


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