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7+ Stamp Mock-up Designs

Mock-ups are commonly used for preview options for possible clients or customers to see a certain product. Mock-ups are also created for the sole purpose of being to make corrections or make adjustments to a design. In this case, we offer several stamp mock-ups. Stamp mock-ups are created for you to see what the final stamp and label will look like, and by being able to see the final design, you are able to finalize the design to look like the way the preview shows it.

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In placing stamps, one needs to design mock-ups to know how the final output will look like when using the stamps. Here, we share different kinds of stamp mock-ups you can use to design your own for preview purposes. You can also check out our website for other mock-up designs.

Free PSD Stamp Mock-up


Wax Stamp Mock-up


Rubber Stamp Mock-up PSD


Foil Stamp Mock-up


Where Can We Use Stamps?

Stamps are made to be used for different purposes. They can be both used for documentation purposes as well as for invitations. Stamps could also be used for the sole purpose of being able to mark items, but you can also use stamps as gifts and as souvenirs from parties. Below are other ways where you can use stamps:

  • Branding. Another common reason why we use stamps is for branding purposes. Besides from labeling different products with the company logo or seal through stamps is to advertise the business itself. Being able to use stamps as part of packaging also makes the packaging look more stylish or elegant, depending on the design of the packaging as well.
  • Decoration. Other purposes for using stamps is to decorate or seal invitations with it, especially when you use wax stamps to create seals for invitations or letters which would make it look more classic.

You can also check out our website if you want to check out different logo mock-ups.

Seal Stamp Mock-up

Leather Stamp Logo Mock-up


PSD Wood Ink Stamp Seal Mock-up


Realistic Stamp Mock-up


Who Benefits from These Stamp Mock-ups?

The main purpose of downloading seal stamp mock-ups is to help users create preview options of the different stamps they will be creating and to know how the final output will look like through digital means. Below are some examples of people who uses stamp mock-ups in their daily activities:

  • The most common profession to use stamp mock-ups are graphic designers since they are usually the ones designing the stamps themselves in the first place. Adding mock-ups are optional, but it gives their customers more previewing options and to see how the final output will be in when used. Graphics designers also gather different stamp mock-up designs for future projects they may do, as well as concepts to rely on.
  • One of the most common establishments to use stamp mock-ups are stamp-creating companies themselves. When they design and create your stamp digital stamp design, they also include a stamp mock-up for you to see. Including stamp mock-ups in designing stamps are also a method to attract more customers.
  • Wedding or party organizers may use stamps as gifts they can give from parties, weddings, or any other events and may use stamps for different purposes. Some organizers try to design their own stamps and try to include or rely on stamp mock-up templates to create better designs.

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