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9+ Vertical Billboard Mock-ups

Vertical billboard mock-ups are used by companies to provide information about their brand, products, and services. It can also be used to announce business promos and deal offerings. There are various reasons why companies opt to use a vertical billboard other than a horizontal one, and these reasons are mostly concerned about the layout that they want to achieve for a specific marketing and promotional activity that can be seen in the tool that they will use.

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There are a variety of vertical billboard mock-ups that we can provide so you can select the design that you can apply to the billboard material that you want to create for your business. More so, we have other downloadable Billboard Mock-ups, which you may be interested to view in the link provided.

Vertical Advertising Billboard Mock-up

Vertical Outdoor Billboard Mock-up


Vertical Blank Billboard Mock-up

Modern Vertical Billboard Mock-up


Vertical Billboard Poster Mock-up

Importance of a Vertical Billboard Mock-up

A vertical billboard mock-up is important to be done for the business to have the following benefits:

  • Since having a billboard is too costly, you do not want your company to double its spending just because of a mistake that you are not able to see in the billboard design. A billboard mock-up helps establishments and businesses to assure that the entire design of the billboard is already appropriate to be turned into an actual marketing tool.
  • Vertical billboard mock-ups also help in creating a representation of how the billboard will look like in the location where it will be placed. It is very necessary to assure that the vertical billboard will stand out even with all the other items that are present in the vicinity where you will put it.
  • Vertical billboard mock-ups can be printed out or electronically sent so that the people concerned in the marketing undertakings of the business can state their opinions and suggestions regarding the billboard design and how it can affect the branding of the company.

Other than our samples of vertical billboard mock-up templates, our samples of Poster Mock-ups are also available for download.

Photorealistic Vertical Billboard Mock-up


Vertical Billboard Roll Up Mock-up


Giant Vertical Billboard Mock-up


Vertical City Billboard Mock-up

When to Use a Vertical Billboard

A vertical billboard is highly suggested to be used for the following reasons:

  • If your billboard includes a shot of an endorser, you can use a vertical billboard as it creates an illusion of elongation. This work best if you will use a whole body shot of the model endorsing the product.
  • Vertical billboards can also be used if you have a number of information that you want to put in different areas of the billboard design. Since the billboard is vertically designed, the information will have a smooth flow of readability even if they are placed in different parts of the marketing tool.

Types of Vertical Billboard Placements

There are many locations where a vertical billboard may be placed. This affects the kind of vertical billboard that will be created by the business. A few vertical billboard placements are as follows:

  • A vertical billboard can be placed in a stand alone billboard frame where a lot of people can see it even from afar. It is usually seen on the sides of national roads or other areas where feet and vehicle traffic is evident.
  • Vertical billboards can also be placed in airports, terminals, and other locations where their visibility is essential as these places are where the target market of the company usually can be found.
  • Vertical billboards may also be placed in waiting sheds as it serves a dual purpose. One, for the marketing of the company who will use it. Second, to beautify the waiting area and to protect the people who will stay there in a short period of time from the heat of the sun.

A vertical billboard is only one way of supplying the advertising the needs of a business. For more samples and templates of other Advertising Mock-ups, kindly visit the link provided.

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