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15+ Free Arbor Day Templates – PSD

We have all been nurtured by nature’s embrace ever since we took our first breath. The land that we step on, the food that we eat, and the very reason of our living is because nature has provided us with everything that we need to survive. With nature’s blessing, we continue to exist. And, among mother earth’s vast but finite provisions, the tree proudly and firmly stands as one of the primary sources of various materials that helped humanity survive and develop civilization as to what it is now. So, to commemorate the tree’s tremendous contribution, Arbor Day was created.

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Arbor Day is a special holiday in which people are encouraged to plant trees. There is no specific date for this holiday as it is usually observed during spring and it also depends on the country’s climate as there may be complications when it comes to its suitability with the planting season. In the USA, National Arbor Day is celebrated on every last Friday of April but there are other states that have set a different date of the year to celebrate their own Arbor Day.

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We celebrate such a holiday for obvious reasons. Climate change isn’t slowing down and its effects are currently wreaking havoc in different parts of the world. And, with most of humanity’s population continually neglecting the conservation and preservation of mother nature’s blessings, the world is plunging into its own destruction. Time is ticking, and we are in for a roller coaster ride that may have no other direction than decelerating towards the bottom of the track.

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Although there are consistent efforts that tackle environmental concerns, there still isn’t much force to make a significant impact. Celebrating Arbor Day is like a wake-up call for everyone. It’s a call for action to collectively pour in support and act upon the problems that threaten ours and mother nature’s survival. Even if it’s just for a day, we should help mother nature get back on her feet by planting a tree in our respective areas. There are organizations that initiate tree-planting activities during this holiday. In fact, there is a foundation dedicated to supporting this holiday.

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Take note of this holiday in your phone. Write it on your calendar to ensure that you can partake in this worldwide movement. On Arbor Day, you can approach any organization that’s going to participate in the tree-planting activity. Also, encourage your family and friends to take part in this to increase the number of trees planted at the end of the day. Even if a person only planted one tree, if you multiply that with the total population of participants, you will see that the efforts are bigger than what they seem.

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Arbor Day is only celebrated once a year. Even so, we will definitely see results, no matter how small, in the years to come. As they say, big things come from small things. Let us slowly help mother nature and ourselves by planting one tree at a time.

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