8+ Free Delivery Note Templates

A delivery note, as the name says, is a document which features details about a delivery or shipment. It’s mostly used in B2B deliveries but sometimes deployed in B2C shipments as well. Any standard delivery note sent from the seller or consignor would include basic details about the goods on delivery and would be signed by the sender. On receiving the delivery note template, the receiver would have to sign it too as a token of acknowledgement of the delivery.

Vehicle Delivery Note Template

You are getting a detailed delivery note here where you can include every important aspect about the shipment like product dimension, remarks, number, etc. There is even space for name of parts man, shopkeeper, forwarder and receiver.

Order Delivery Note Template

This delivery note template is meant to confirm the delivery of a vehicle by the buyer where the dealer or consignor can include details about the vehicle as well as the documents provided in the delivery.

Sales Delivery Note Template

If you are looking for a delivery note template that will enable you to mention the supporting materials along with the main items of delivery, then this smart delivery note template would be the thing for you.

Delivery Receipt Note

The delivery note template here also serves as an invoice where the seller can detail about the description, quantity, weight and additional order information of the shipment. There is a little note of acknowledgement to be filled by the receiver.

Furniture Supply Delivery Note Template

If you are looking for an elaborate delivery note template, this template would be helpful with its comprehensive pre-designed sections about the shipment like Line, UOM, Quantity, description/specification, location, net mass, etc.

Goods Delivery Note Template

If you need a delivery note that would enable you to offer compact description of the items on shipment, then this template would be cool for you, thanks to its elaborate space for describing the goods.

Delivery Note Form

This neat and smart delivery note template contains ready-made sections for all important facts about the delivery such as delivery date, time, date & name of function, name of event coordinator, details on courier company etc.

Bunker Delivery Note Template

If the goods are being delivered by ship, then this delivery note template would be handy here. Added to the sections for shipment details, the template also has space for name & IMO number of receiving ship.

> How to use Delivery Note Templates?

If you are a seller sending a shipment to your buyer, a delivery note template is a must. First of all, you must take an inspection of the shipping items to ensure that the delivery is exact as per the order from your customer. Then, you will prepare the delivery note which will include all basic details about the goods on delivery such as item number, weight, product dimension, product description and so on. Then you would write your name and address as well as put your signature. In case, you have not been able to deliver some of the goods ordered, you must mention that too on the note. After the shipment reaches to the buyer, he will check it and then sign the form.

What are the Benefits of Delivery Note Template?

A delivery note template is handy both for the sender and receiver of a shipment. On part of the sender, the note serves as the needed document where he can mention all the major facts about the items going for delivery. When the form is signed by the receiver, it gets returned to the seller- which ultimately acts as the proof that the receiver has actually received the items. On the other hand, the delivery note card helps the buyer to assess whether he has received the exact things that he had ordered as the form contains major details about the shipment. This way, the receiver can have the peace of mind that he has received the right thing even before opening the whole package.

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