9+ Free Doctor’s Prescription Templates

A doctor’s prescription or a medical prescription is a written health care routine and a set of instructions penned by a medical practitioner for a patient. Apart from keeping a written record of the prescribed medical instructions, this document also serves as the proof of a patient’s medical condition. The following Doctor’s Prescription templates are effortlessly neat and save your precious time by providing a readymade template for you to download and customize it to create a professional personalized document.

RMP Doctor’s Prescription Template

RMP Doctor's Prescription Template


This doctor’s prescription template is as simple as it can get. The open layout comprises of the name and contact details of the doctor, personal details of the patient and ample white space to scribble a detailed medical prescription.

Gynecologist Doctor’s Prescription Template

Gynecologist Doctor's Prescription Template


If you are looking for a fuss free template which can be easily customized to render a clean but professional look, here it is. With the embedded stethoscope watermark, a doctor’s prescription cannot look better!

Orthopedic Doctor’s Prescription Template

The following template can be seamlessly incorporated in by a doctor who works on behalf of a hospital. There is space to insert the hospital name, address and logo along with the personal details of the doctor as well as the patient.

Nephrology Doctor’s Prescription Tempalte

Templates such as the one below are ideal formats to be used for patients who are detected with Graves’ disease and need to be admitted to a hospital for detailed diagnosis and treatment.

Cardiologist Docrtor’s Prescription Template

Cardiologist Docrtor’s Prescription Template


This prescription template is one of the simplest of documents which can be customized by doctors and hospitals for prescribing medical instructions to patients during the doctor’s chamber hours in the hospital.

Dentist Doctor’s Prescription Template

Dentist Doctor's Prescription Template

The below fully editable general prescription format can be customized by doctors i.e. predominantly plastic surgeons who are private medical practitioners and attend to patients in privately owned hospitals and chambers.

Ophthalmologist Doctor’s Prescription Template

The elegantly designed general prescription template is an ideal instructional document for veterinary practitioners. The appealing watermark in the middle of the prescription renders an exquisite look to this layout.

Eurology Doctor’s Prescription Template

Adopting this prescription format is easy and can save all the time needed in creating a cardiologist’s prescription template from scratch. The simple white background is clean and the doctor does not have to spend a lot of time in filling the details.

Veterinary Doctor’s Prescription Tempalte

Ideal for dentists, this blue on white color based fully editable and customizable template can serve as the document for the first point of contact of a patient with his dentist.

> How to use the Doctor’s Prescription Templates?

The Doctor’s Prescription templates are simple editable medical instruction templates which can be easily customized by general medical practitioners as well as veterinary doctors, plastic surgeons, cardiologists and dentists to scribble their observations after seeing their patients. Equipped with neat fonts and considerable space for detailing the medical diagnosis of the patient, these customizable templates are so handy that one does need to spend time in designing a doctor’s prescription template from scratch. The personal information of the doctors and the hospitals can be simply included, the design customized and the documents printed out to achieve a series of professionally designed high end prescription templates.

> What are the benefits and advantages of the Doctor’s Prescription Templates?

Being a doctor is one of the toughest and busiest of professions and it is obvious that a doctor might not have the required time to create a template for his/her prescription from scratch which requires both time and designing expertise. Hence, the doctor’s general prescription templates are a great way to curb such circumstances and create professional prescription templates suitable for myriad medical fields from the comfort of home and in minimal time. These fully editable templates are super easy to customize and come in various muted coloured designs and fonts so as to highlight the doctor’s notes in the best possible way.

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