24 Free Handover Report Templates

A handover report is a document that can refer to a number of functions. It can either refer to a transfer of duties from one employee to another, either temporarily or permanently. Handover reports are also common in hospitals and other health-care centers where nurses hand over progress reports to other nurses when they change their respective shifts. Additionally, handover reports are also not only limited to the handing over of tasks by an individual to another individual but can also refer to the transition plan of projects from one company to another. Despite the number of functions, handover reports are very important as they prepare the recipient of the report or successor for the upcoming tasks and responsibilities.

If you are the one making the handover report and planning to hand over a job or task, or you are just looking for handover report templates for your company’s use, then choose one from this collection of 24 handover report templates.

The importance of handover reports

1. Most of the time, handover reports are both overlooked and underused by companies, even for large multinational corporations. The person handing over the task to another employee should not expect the recipient of the report to learn every task and responsibility on the fly. Individuals who make the report sometimes do not write enough detail in the handover reports. This can have major consequences not only for the replacement but also for the entire company as it will hinder daily operations since the replacement will have a hard time adjusting to his or her new work. You may also like sample project report formats.

2. The importance of handover reports cannot be understated. As previously mentioned, one cannot assume that the recipient of the handover report will learn everything in a span of a few hours or a few days, especially if the work is quite detailed and requires cooperation from different departments. When the handover report will be given to the new employee, the individual in cooperation with human resources or top management should take the time to orient the recipient with the handover report, either through training sessions or seminars.

3. The duration of the training or seminar will depend on the difficulty of the task being handed over to the new employee. The training will also vary if the new task will be assigned to a new employee, in which the training will be held together or simultaneously with other employees who will also be starting for the company. If the handover will be for an existing employee, then the training will be separate and will probably be shorter in duration than the training for new hires.

Project Handover Report

Project Handover Report

This project handover report template has a simple and clean minimalistic look which makes it easy to edit. The blue-colored sections match the white paper background. This template uses an A4 US letter size with free fonts also included.

Completion Handover Report

Completion Handover Report

This completion handover report template is best used for projects or tasks that need to be completed within a specific time frame. If you have a task you would like to accomplish but plan to hand it over to other personnel, then this template is best for you. The blue-colored sections and blue-colored text also match the white background.

Handover Report Template

handover report Template

Ths handover report template is also easy to edit, uses an A4 US letter paper size and comes with cool fonts. Additionally, access this template using Microsoft Word. This template also a clean and simple look which is best for document use.

Property Handover Report Template

Property Handover Report Template

This property handover report template is best used if a property is being handed over to another person or to another entity. Tasks and responsibilities are not the only things which are being handed over, but projects as well. Projects can either range from an internal project or external one which involves hundreds of personnel and a number of heavy equipment. This template also uses a clean and simple design with a blue-green color. The template is compatible with Microsoft Word, uses an A4 size US letter paper size, easily editable, and contains latest free fonts.

Final Project Handover Report

Sample Handover Report

This final project handover report template is best used for projects which are in near completion. This template also has a clean and simple look similar to the other templates. Purchase this template as it has a Microsoft Word compatibility, uses an A4 letter size, is easily editable, and also has free font samples.

Free Project Handover Report

Free Project Handover Report

This free handover project report template has a simple and clean look similar to the other templates. Despite the clean overall design, the templates still look engaging and allow for easy writing and editing. The heading and subsections are green and are matched with black-colored text against a white paper background. This template also uses a US letter A4 size and best fonts.

How to write handover reports

Handover reports are very important since it results in the company not functioning properly if employees do not delegate tasks to new employees in a systematic and organized manner. If you are the employee writing the handover report, here are some tips on how to properly write such reports. This will benefit not only you and the recipient of the report but also the entire company.

1. Describe each task

If you are delegating tasks to a new employee, you certainly do not want to merely name the task and leave it as it is. This will cause confusion for the recipient of the report. which will result in him not doing the job properly. What you should definitely do is to describe each task or job responsibility in detail. For example, if part of your job involves a systematic process like sending an email to the supervisor, then making an Excel sheet, then contacting another person in another department, then finally sending another email to the supervisor, all of these steps should be listed in the handover report. Even if you have issues with the existing personnel in the company, you should not pass any form or anger of hatred to the new hire as it is very unprofessional and it will also affect your ability to get hired or get promoted in your new position in the company or new job.

2. Include the date and time period of the completion of each task

If you are going to list down the task, you should also list down the time period when each task will be completed. Next, to the name of the task, the time period of completion should be written. This ensures that the recipient of the handover report will have clarity on when each task will be completed. This will also help the new employee or the recipient of the report with adjusting his time and work balance on how and when to finish each task. This should already be a norm or a standard operating procedure (SOP) for all employees on each task having an estimated time of completion, so that work will be smooth and employees will have better coordination with each other.

3. Provide names of co-workers and their respective designations

If you have already managed to describe each task and also listed the time frame in which each task will be completed, the last step would be listing down the names of the co-workers or employees that the new employee will be collaborating with. This will help the recipient of the handover report by letting him or she knows which persons he or she will be approaching while also building a relationship with that specific person. It will be much better if the designations and the extension numbers (or other contact numbers) of the persons will also be included for better and faster communication. You may also see project report templates.

Handover Report Word Format

Handover Report Word Format

This handover report template has a more simple look compared to the other handover project templates. The tables are only divided into two columns, but it still allows for easy editing. This template is also Microsoft Word-compatible and uses an A4 US letter paper size, with bold fonts and easily editable layers.

Simple Property Handover Report

Simple Property Handover Report

This simple property handover report template also has a more simple look compared to the other handover report templates. The template uses a landscape format where the text is written in the upper half of the paper. Use this template if you have limited content in your handover report. The light blue-colored text is used for the heading and sub-headings while black is used for the content. This template is a Microsoft Word template with free fonts and easily editable layers.

Project Handover Document Report

Project Documents Handover Report

This project handover document report template uses some nice light green colors matched with the black-colored text. The green-colored abstract design is located at the bottom of the template which adds to the visual appeal. Similar to the other templates, this handover report template also uses a Microsoft Word format, free fonts, and an A4 US letter paper size.

Project Completion Report Document

Project Completion Report Document

This project completion report document template uses some nice dark-blue colors for the headings and sub-headings. The content meanwhile uses some black-colored text and a white paper background. This template also uses a Microsoft Word format with free fonts and easily editable layers. Similar to the previous templates, this template allows for easy writing and editing with all the contents of any handover report being listed in this template.

Handover Report Bundle

handover report bundle

This handover report bundle contains 12 simple yet engaging handover report templates all for the price of one template. The template bundle contains templates with five different colors: blue, violet, green, orange, and black. You can switch between the 12 template designs or you can use one depending on the number of handover reports you will be using. Bundles are always an ideal purchase not only for handover templates but for graphic design in general.

Rental Property Handover Report

Rental Property Handover Report

This rental handover report template is best used if a rental is transferred from one person, or one tenant to another. This is similar to the property handover template where a piece of property or material is being handed over. This template uses some nice orange colors for the heading and sub-headings. This template is also compatible with Microsoft Word and uses free fonts with easily editable layers.

Sample Hand-off Report in Word

Sample Handoff Report in Word

Here is another simple handover report template you can use that has a clean and simple design. Similar to the other simple designs, this handover sample report template uses only two columns but also allows for easy writing and editing. Microsoft Word is also used for this template, featuring an A4 US letter paper size, free script fonts, and easy-to-edit layers.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our collection of handover report sample templates. We also included some tips on how to write handover reports and its importance in daily business functions.

A detailed and well-written handover report allows the recipient of the report to easily adjust to his or her new role in the company. So, make sure you use on in your business operations to ensure greater success for your employees.

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