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15 Free List Templates

For anyone who likes to stay organized, making sample lists template is something that comes very easily to them. White other can find this job very tedious. Why do we need lists at the first place? We need example list them as they help us in better management. Before starting anything, it is always a good idea to break down all the important task in the form of a list. Whether you are going for shopping or setting out for a vacation or planning an event itinerary, preparing a list before starting anything gives a solid shape to the plan. It minimizes the chances of error.You may also see price list template.

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But all those who do not prefer preparing lists and look for an easy way out, we have a free list templates where we have brought for you all kinds of lists. These free lists templates come in word format and are print ready. You can customize them as per your requirement.You may also see christmas gift list templates.

Contact List Template

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A contact list can be used for personal purpose or it can a client contact list. Basically with a simple contact list you can keep track of all your personal and business relations. The list includes details and information like first and last name of the contact person, postal address, landline number, mobile phone number and email address etc. if you don’t want to get into the details of it, just click on the link and download the list. And all you are left to do is update the list with your contacts.

Equipment List Template

Free Download

Grocery List Template

Free Download

This grocery list is mostly prepared in grocery store to keep track of the grocery. You can prepare the same for your home storage also. The list has different categories marked for grocery like – vegetable, meat and dairy. The printable list grocery template here come in Microsoft word format and is editable and print ready.

Guest List Template

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Whether you are preparing for a small gathering or a huge event, a guest list is something that helps in both. With a sample guest list, you have the name of all the people you want to invite and one place and this makes sure you do not forget any guest in the last moment. If also helps you in going ahead with further preparations as per the number of expected guests.

Inventory List Template

Free Download

An inventory list of all the good and stocks that a company or a business holds. An inventory list example is very essential for small and large businesses as they help in better organization and the stock list record intact.

Material List Template

Free Download

Medication List Template

Free Download

Packing List Template

Free Download

Packing the hardest thing that one has to do before going for a vacation. Especially if you are doing last minute packing, chances of forgetting something important is very high. For such situations make sure you have a packing list ready with you. This packing list template should contain everything that you have to pack and once you start packing you will not have to think very hard as everything will be present in the list.You may also see medication list.

Phones List Template

Free Download

Price List Template

Free Download

Project List Template

Free Download

Reference List Template

Free Download

Shopping List Template

Free Download

To-Do List Template

Free Download

This is a list of task that you desire to accomplish on daily basis. This To Do list is generally prepared while starting the day, listing the thing to be executed. This sample To Do list helps you remain focus and productive every day.

Wedding List Template

Free Download

These free list templates have been prepared by our professionals and all of them are compatible with word format. You will find it easy to prepare a list with these templates. All you have to do is download and save, and if you require a hard copy you can always print the file. If you are new, don’t worry it will not you much time to figure out how to work with these templates.You may also see equipment inventory template.

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