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Whether it is a product of increasing consumerism or people’s need to acknowledge the role a mother plays in one’s life, Mother’s Day has become one of the most celebrated unofficial holidays in the world. In 2018, that fateful day will fall on May 13, so you better get your greeting card, flowers, and gifts ready.

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Mother’s Day Invitation Template

mothers day invitation templateFree Download

Free Mother’s Day Facebook Template

Mother’s Day Facebook App Cover

mothers day facebook app coverFree Download

Mother’s Day Facebook Cover

mothers day facebook coverFree Download

Mother’s Day Facebook Event Cover

mothers day facebook event coverFree Download

Mother’s Day Facebook Post

mothers day facebook postFree Download

Mother’s Day Facebook Profile Photo

mothers day facebook profile photoFree Download

What is Mother’s Day?

As the holiday’s name suggests, Mother’s Day is a day to honor all the mothers, mother figures, and motherly influences in the world. This holiday is thought to have started in the ancient times as a way to honor Rhea, the Greek mother of the gods. The Middle Ages also saw the practice of a Mothering Sunday where children who worked at neighboring farms and estates returned to their hometown and spend the day with their mothers.

Free Mother’s Day Pinterest Templates

Mother’s Day Pinterest Pin Template

mothers day pinterest pin templateFree Download

Mother’s Day Pinterest Profile Photo

mothers day pinterest profile photoFree Download

Mother’s Day Pinterest Board Cover

mothers day pinterest board coverFree Download

Free Mother’s Day Email Newsletter Template

free mothers day email newsletter templateFree Download

Free Mother’s Day Flyer Template

free mothers day flyer templateFree Download

In the modern age, Mother’s Day was officially brought to the attention of the general public when Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia held an event to honor her mother who had passed away two years ago. Jarvis wrote letters and sought support from Congress in order to create a nationwide Mother’s Day celebration.

Free Mother’s Day Invitation Template

free mothers day invitation templateFree Download

Free Mother’s Day Poster

free mothers day posterFree Download

This was approved in 1914. However, Jarvis saw that this special event intended for mothers was quickly become commercialized. For example, Jarvis intended Mother’s Day to be a day spent bonding with one’s mother, giving her flowers, and/or writing a handwritten letter to express gratitude. But then florists began selling and marking up the costs of flowers since it supposedly was Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis spent most of her remaining life denouncing what Mother’s Day has become.

Free Mother’s Day Quote

free mothers day quote templateFree Download

Mother’s Day Snapchat Geo-filter Template

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Free Mother’s Day YouTube Templates

Mother’s Day YouTube Channel Cover

mothers day youtube channel coverFree Download

Mother’s Day YouTube Profile Photo

mothers day youtube profile photoFree Download

Mother’s Day YouTube Video Thumbnail

mothers day youtube video thumbnailFree Download

Mother’s Day Celebration Around the World

Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of May in more than 40 countries in the world. Examples are Canada, Philippines, the USA, Australia, and Chile. Other countries like the United Kingdom have designated different dates for their respective Mother’s Day celebration. Some countries also celebrate Mother’s Day as part of a more generalized Parent’s Day holiday like in South Korea.

Despite the different days for celebrating Mother’s Day each year, this does not stop people from trending Mother’s Day wishes across social media every second Sunday of May.

Free Mother’s Day Google Plus Templates

Mother’s Day Google Plus Cover

mothers day google plus coverFree Download

Mother’s Day Google Plus Header Photo Template

mothers day google plus header photo templateFree Download

Free Mother’s Day Instagram Template

Mother’s Day Instagram Profile Photo Template

mothers day instagram profile photo templateFree Download

Mother’s Day Instagram Post

mothers day instagram postFree Download

Free Mother’s Day LinkedIn Templates

Mother’s Day LinkedIn Blog Post

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Mother’s Day LinkedIn Company Cover

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Mother’s Day LinkedIn Profile Banner Template

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Anna Jarvis has a good reason for denouncing the commercialization of Mother’s Day and we should all do so too. Mother’s Day should not be about choosing what best gift to give your mother. It should be about genuinely expressing thanks and recognizing the roles mothers play in our lives.

Free Mother’s Day Tumblr Templates

Mother’s Day Tumblr Post

mothers day tumblr postFree Download

Mother’s Day Tumblr Banner Template

mothers day tumblr banner templateFree Download

Mother’s Day Tumblr Profile Photo Template

mothers day tumblr profile photo templateFree Download

Free Mother’s Day Twitter Templates

Mother’s Day Twitter Header Cover

mothers day twitter header cover Free Download

Mother’s Day Twitter Post Template

mothers day twitter post templateFree Download

Mother’s Day Twitter Profile Photo

mothers day twitter profile photoFree Download

True, this can be done by gifting your mum the latest smartphone. If you have all the resources and it will not put you deeper into debt, then do so. But, also take time to truly assess what you are doing. Are you doing it just to appear in with the times? Does your mother really need that new designer handbag?

Perhaps what she really needs is just to spend time with her child who she seldom sees nowadays. How about penning a short letter on a Mother’s Day you have created yourself? Maybe your Mother will treasure this little acts more.

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