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14 Free Notice Templates

A notice is a formal announcement that is mostly made in the form of writing. It is used for various purposes and mostly notifies the person of certain information that is of utmost importance. Notice Letter also serves as an intimation before any legal proceeding takes place. The subject to whom the legal notice is paid is obliged to follow the document.

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In this article we have various types of notices in the form of templates. If you are looking for notice templates then you are on the right place. These templates are customizable and are available for free.

30 Day Notice Template

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A 30-day notice is mostly used during eviction period or white giving resignation. 30 days is a time that is granted notice to the tenant by the landlord for eviction and therefore is called a 30 day notice. Same way, after an employee formally declares his formal resignation from the company, he/she serves the notice period of 30 days in the company.

Death Notice Template

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A death notice is given out to inform about the demise of a person. It can be in the form of a paid advertisement that one gives in the newspaper to inform about example of the funeral or memorial service. The template available here helps in constructing a death notice. It is available in word format and is easy to customize.You may also see sample notice template.

Demand Notice Template

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A demand notice is a example of legal notice that one writes to the other person or company to perform an obligation within a period of time. It is used as a form of intimidation and mostly has a set deadline attached to it.You may also see privacy notice template.

Eviction Notice Template

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Eviction notice is mostly used by a landlord to notify the tenant to evict the property by a given period of time. It is used for terminating the tenancy but the termination notice has to be provided well in advance so that the tenants to vacate get time to make other arrangements.

Funeral Notice Template

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Funeral notice is also known as obituary and it is used for informing about the demise of a persona along with other information about the person and the upcoming funeral program.

Legal Notice Template

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Before taking any legal action or filing a suit, a legal notice is sent to the personal or entity against whom the proceedings are to be taken. It serves as a formal communication to notify the other party of the action notice that can be taken against them for having been fail to abide by certain conditions.

Meeting Notice Template

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In large corporate or business houses before an important meeting, a sample notice is sent to to all the attendees that can include the shareholders and partners informing them of the time, date and location for the meeting.You may also see notice of meeting.

Move Out Notice Template

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Past Due Notice Template

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Past due notice is a formal and written form of communication that is sent to another party informing them about the dues that they owe to the first party. The notice can be used by a seller to send to the buyer or a landlord to send to tenant.You may also see notice to proceed.

Resignation Notice Template

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After formally declaring the resignation letter in writing, an employee has to serve the office for minimum notice period as stated in his/her company policy. The resignation notice, notify the employer of the resignation and the notice period that the employee will serve.

Separation Notice Template

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Termination Notice Template

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Two Week Notice Template

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Written Notice Letter Template

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These format of notice templates have been created by our professionals and come with proper format and outlining. You don’t have create the entire structure all by yourself. Instead you can just download the template and edit it as per your requirement.You may also see free notice templates.

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