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Official days of remembrance are one of the ways that we can honor our ancestors and the things they have done in the past to help shape the world we live in now. One such lesser-known day is Patriots’ Day.

This is a seldom-celebrated holiday that only a few people may have heard about Patriots’ Day from their school days or through the recent action flick starring Mark Wahlberg. For those who are not familiar with the actual Patriots’ Day, read on for a brief explanation.

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What is Patriots’ Day?

Patriot’s or Patriots’ Day is an annual holiday celebrated in the states of Maine, Massachusetts, vConnecticut, and Wisconsin. This day commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord that occurred on April 19, 1775, which then subsequently started American Revolutionary War.

This historic day was first celebrated separately as Lexington Day and Concord Day in their corresponding states. However, in 1894, the then Governor of Massachusetts Gov. Greenhalge approved of the term “Patriots’ Day” as a compromise.

The holiday’s name comes from the Patriots – a term used to denote the men and women from the Thirteen Colonies vying for independence from the British rule.

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A Brief History Lesson

The American Revolutionary War started due to the many reasons. Chief among them was the growing difference in political ideologies between the British and the colonists. Colonists also protested the different laws and regulations passed by the British Parliament without them being equally represented in the Parliament.

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Patriot’s Day Celebration Today

Ever since 1894, Patriots’ Day is celebrated in four states every 19th of April. However, in 1969, the holiday was moved to every third Monday of April. This then creates a three-day long weekend for people in these states. Every year on Patriots’ Day, local governments set-up mock battles and reenactments of the actions that the Patriots did on that fateful day.

Beginning in 1897, Patriots’ Day celebrations culminate in the Boston Marathon, an event participated by thousands of people. The Boston Marathon has made worldwide headlines in 2013 when two bombs exploded and killed three people while leaving hundreds more injured.

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Why Do You Need To Remember Patriots’ Day?

Even if Patriots’ Day is only celebrated by four states, the event still calls us Americans into honoring those who came before us and fought for the country’s independence. The Battles of Lexington and Concord have been won with so much difficulty all those centuries ago. Today, we constantly reminded that it could take very little to erode what those brave men and women have built up. Use the Patriots’ Day celebration this year to reflect on all these things.


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