42+ Free Resume Templates

Do you know that recruiters are now by and large fed up with the standard imposition of your resume objective that starts with “I am a hard working professional seeking employment with a company where I can grow professionally and personally with dedication, determination, and willpower. Remember that the sticky notes are no longer in use as employers considering it as entirely pointless. Hence bid adieu to that usual process of space fillers and owe these idyllic and detail-obsessed Resume Templates to be ahead of the job mob. After all, one’s destiny unfolds according to the choices one makes.


Individual Templates

Jobs across the globe demand a resume in the first place. And first impressions do count. Hence below is the list of templates designed for various career paths. Whether you have multiple gaps in your career, or you are performing multiple jobs at one time, these resumes curtail the unnecessary details and address them in the best possible way. Because we know the downside of showing them all.

Professional Photographer Resume Template

professional photographer resumeFree Download

As a Professional Photographer, your abilities are proved. But how good are you in crafting your own Resume? Your resume is your visiting card that goes online. It almost converts your artistic ability to Wordsmith prowess.

Accountant Clerk Resume Template

accounting clerk resume template

Accountant Resumes accounts for their accuracy in invoices and their professionalism in vendor management. This Accountant Clerk Resume Template comes with a resolution of 900×860 pixels. Use this to best portray your accounts payable accomplishments.

Bank Accountant Resume Template

bank accountant resume template

Resumes with photos get more attention from prospective employers. Because of this, our Bank Accountant Resume Template’s decent visage is decorated with the prospective’s photo. If you are an influential endowment accounting and financial planning professional with plenty of experience in hand, use this template to showcase your multi-million dollar financial performance.

Senior Accounting Clerk Resume Template

senior accounting clerk resume template

Are you that accurate and detail-oriented Senior Accounting Clerk with extensive bookkeeping and clerical knowledge? Then this 900×860 pixels brochure look-alike piece is exclusively for you.

Theatre Actor Resume Template

theatre actor resume template

Eyegasm is the right metaphor if one want to describe the whole beauty of the template in one word. The decent looking Resume Template with the inline column seems appealing for any industry. How can Drama & Theatre walk away?

Film and Television Actor Resume Template

film and television actor resume template

This multipurpose Resume Template perfectly suits for artists from Silver Screen as well as the small screen. The free editable template is having a high resolution of 900×860 pixels.

Actor Model Resume Template

actor model resume template

Are you looking to get established as a reputed professional in modeling? What is the probability of success with your current resume? Surveys reveal that regardless of the industry 90% of resumes are destined to the bin. Don’t let your resume driven by that ill-fate. This Actor Model Resume Template surely plague you with new ideas on ‘how to write a resume?

Administrative Assistant Resume Template

administrative assistant resume template

Are you that Administrative Assistant who is good in handling important everyday tasks and excels at prioritizing and completing multiple tasks simultaneously? Then this Administrative Assistant Resume Template is geared specifically for a range of administrative assistant positions.

Experience Administrative Assistant Resume Template

experience administrative assistant resume template

Experience Administrative Assistant Resume Template is the best choice for personal assistants, executive assistants, ande other secretaries. Download it, edit, and print.

Assistant Chef Resume Template

assistant chef resume

Assistant Chef Resume Template is designed for Prep Chefs and Line Chefs who are starving for a right chef resume. Stove, grill, or vegetable prep – whatever is your area, you can use this template.

Executive Chef Resume Template

executive chef resume template

On the contrary to the Assistant Chefs, Executive Chefs take the in charge of the kitchen. Are you that head chef good at maximizing profitability by lowering costs while maintaining world-class quality. Then this Executive Chef Resume is for you.

Pastry Chef Resume Template

pastry chef resume template

Are you a detail-oriented professional with a flair for creating custom desserts and orders? Are you good at pastry art and having experience in a broad range of specialty baking techniques? Then use this two columned pastry chef resume template. Its well-aligned text makes the meat of your resume easy to read.

Doctor Assistant Resume Template

doctor assistant resume

This single columned Doctor Assistant Resume Template is for qualified physician assistant candidates. It help you to climb the career ladder.

Junior Doctor Resume Template

junior doctor resume template

Junior Doctor Resume Template is again a format with dual layer concept. Each section of the template is editable. It is useful for Juniors and freshers as well.

MD Physician Resume Template

md physician resume

The MD Physician Resume Template is designed to format and frame the short pieces of information in a beautiful manner. You can remove or replace the section(s).

Fresher Resume Template

fresher resume template

For Freshers, preparing a concise Resume is often a confusing task with conflicting directions about what to include and where to include. But for now, stop that plaintive cry and put a full stop to Lock and key story. Because the luck lords are with you. This Fresher Resume Template is machine friendly.

Experienced Golf caddy Resume Template

experienced golf caddy resume

In golf, the person who humps the golfer’s lot (bag and clubs) around four miles of land is called a caddy. If that is not enough, caddies offer suggestions alongside the moral support to the player. Often Llamas are used as golf caddies. However, if you are an experienced golf caddy, the golf caddy templates are for you.

Senior Golf caddy Resume Template

senior golf caddy resume

Are you a senior golf caddy who can enjoy working in a team, with a team, and as a team? Then our Golf Caddy Resume Templates meant for your job search.

Lateral Lawyer Resume Template

lateral lawyer resume

Lateral lawyers are the ones who did not start their career with the firm. They have been hired by the company only to add value. The Lateral Lawyer Resume Templates are such value-adds for your career.

Lawyer Resume with Experience Template

lawyer resume with experience

Even experienced Lawyers need strong resumes to justify their case. In this case, it is an experience. The Lawyer Resume with Experience Template is for plaintiffs with hands on.

Account Manager Resume Template

account manager resume

Account Managers are accountable for the company’s management of sales. That doesn’t mean he/she will go through the daily reports. They just manage the accounts they are assigned to. This Account Manager Resume Template accounts for your success.

Construction Manager Resume Template

construction manager resume

Do you values customer service and relationship building? Then this Construction Manager Resume Template is constructed for your success. You can use this to apply for kinds of construction jobs.

Graduate Nurse Resume Template

graduate nurse resume template

Patient Care Skills is the first and foremost eligibility criteria for any nurse. This Graduate Nurse Resume Template is a freshman who just stepped out in search of a job.

ICU Nurse Resume Template

icu nurse resume template

Intensive Care Units in clinics and hospitals deal with critical health conditions. For Nurses it offers priceless hands-on experience. Due to this reason many aspires for the position for ICU Nurse. This ICU Nurse Resume is certainly one of its kind.

Registered Nurse Template

registered nurse template

Registered Nurses are having a high level of accountability and responsibility than Enrolled Nurses. Do you like the idea of being busy in an ICU? Then this Registered Nurse template is for you.

Freelance Photographer Resume Template

freelance photographer resume template

As mentioned in our previous article, freelance photography is a tightrope walking. It requires a lot of balancing as you need to wear multiple hats. We mean one need to be proficient in photography and finance management as well. This freelance photographer resume template ___ your photographic memory.

Professional Photographer Resume Template

professional photographer resume template

Photography is an art. Do you have a unique style in that? But remember that many times your uniqueness may not earn you the bread. If you don’t want the same fate to be doomed upon you, use this professional photographer resume template.

Sales Assistant Resume Template

sales assistant resume template

Do you feel that your sales Resume seriously lacks attention to detail even if your achievements are in lakhs? Then use this Sales Assistant Resume Template.

Acting Teacher Resume Template

acting teacher resume

Are you that passionate acting teacher interested in teaching acting skills to young aspirants. Do you have the finesse of noticing the young talent and drive them towards the success? Then put the same zeal and enthuse in crafting the resume using this Acting Teacher Resume Template.

School Teacher Resume Template

school teacher resume template

This School Teacher Resume Template stood for your principles, ethics, and moralities, as a teacher. It allows you to play with the words and other elements of it. Go for it if you seldom look for any vibrant colors and designs.

HTML Developer Resume Template

html developer resume

A web developer’s resume carries a lot of weight, just like his role in the organization’s success. Have a ride on the crest of success with this HTML Developer Resume Template.

Software Developer Resume Template

software devekoper resume

Software Developer Resume Template help to execute your script (here the content) successfully and flawlessly. Rule out all the oddities with one download. The operation completes successfully with just one click. Oops!

Web Application Developer Resume Template

web application developer resume

Here comes another split format in the form of Web Developer Resume Template with perfect padding and margin. Apart from web developers, this template will be useful for both UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience) people.

Experienced Administrative Assistant Resume

administrative assistant resume

Are you good at taking notes, answering emails, court proceedings, legal transcription, etc? Then this particular template is for promising secretaries like you who can extend their assistance to the company’s growth. You can use this template for any industry or domain.

Technical Fresher Resume Template

technical fresher resume template

Do you want to exhibit a great deal about your technical acumen? Then this Technical Fresher Resume Template is what you can fill the whole with the technical intricacies.

IT Fresher Resume Template

it fresher resume template

Started job search afresh? Then this Word compatible IT Fresher Resume Template is a perfect launchpad with a great balance of design and text.

Fresher Golf Caddy Resume Template


Are you crazy about golf and enjoy walking miles together with golfers while carrying the golf lot? If you don’t feel its burden, this Fresher Golf Caddy Resume Template is for you. Let us enjoy sharing your resume burden.

Intern Lawyer Resume Template


Are you that Summer Associate preparing for employment based residency filings? Then this Intern Lawyer Resume Template in pale pink will definitely help you to cope up with the hectic pace of the job market.

Trainee Manager Resume Template


Do you supervise Training? This Trainee Manager Resume Template works like magic both for online training or classroom training. The headings in the dazzling red locks the attention of the reader.

Experienced Resume Template for Teachers

experienced resume template for teachers

As a teacher, we know how organized and structured you are. This Experienced Resume Template for Teachers helps you with a detailed-obsessive CV. The margin gives a decent dividend.

Retail Sales Resume Template

retail sales resume template

Retail Sales are the aggregated or extrapolated measure of sales of retail goods over a given time. You can make a decent profile and/or portfolio with this bi-columned Retail Sales Resume Example.

> How to use these Templates?

To start with you ought to select the desired template which you feel can fulfill all your resume needs. Once you make your mind, hit the download button and save it on your device. Afterwards, go to the file destination and open the template. Double clicking the file will do the job. Once the document gets opened, do the modifications and click ‘save’ button to save the document. This takes care of your Resume and you can keep the document for future use.

> Benefits and Advantages

Do you value free stuf, but running short of them? Then these templates are freebies, thus wallet friendly. And if you work on the principle of parsimony, these templates are rain makers. They provide you the license to lead the way without spl;ashing out hefty bucks. Our ‘different’ clients give you the ‘same’ feedback. Also with these templates, your resumes will never suffer with information overloading. Ride the shotgun with these free sources. Because after all passing on the buck, whenever possible is a cool idea. If that is not a well workaround, they help you with DIY (Do It Yourself) advises.