4+ Free Statement Templates

Statements are important pieces of document used to report, track, file or furnish crucial pieces of information related to business or finance. These documents are often required to approve funds, file income tax, record productivity and in myriad other activities. The below statement templates have been created keeping simplicity and usability in mind. The templates are fully editable and once download them, you can personalize and save them to your advantage. There is no need of wasting time creating such documents anymore.

Financial Statement Template

Tracking your finances in a systemized manner ensures that you are not only able to manage your assets on a frequent basis but if you own a small business, you can use this document to seek investors and lenders who can assist you to expand your business.

Profit and Loss Statement

If you own a company, irrespective of it’s size, it is imperative to record a profit and loss statement for your investors and other stakeholders to get a glimpse of how the business is faring and how are the funds being utilized.

Sample Statement Template

If you are looking for a minimalist sample statement template which features no exaggeration yet does not lose out on basic fundamentals of a basic statement document, this placid white and green template would be your ideal choice.

Statement of Work Template

You have a fully editable and practical statement of work template here with all the major sections needed in a business document such as equipment list, and delivery and payment schedule.

> How to use Statement Templates?

Statement templates find much importance in the present days owing to their ability to provide a snapshot of detailed information on a single sheet of paper in the least possible time. A statement of purpose or action can be quite tedious to create owing to the complex nature of the details which need to be included. Therefore, these statement templates have been created for the benefit of the users to ensure that there is no requirement to create these documents from scratch. These set of predesigned fully editable templates have been created by experts so that with basic customization, you can use them for your endeavors.

What are the Benefits of Statement Templates?

You can use statement templates as a discipline or a part of your business agenda. The importance of these documents lies in the fact that they are representations of huge classified information which can be otherwise extremely detailed or tedious to go through. While drafting a statement template, its purpose is the most important thing to know as the sections of the form are to be created based on this. With the print friendly and easy to customize statement templates, you hardly have to spend time drafting a statement of business or finance. Just download the ones which suit your requirements and make them your own right away.

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