8+ Free HR CheckList Templates

A HR checklist form can be defined as the form that comes with a roster of tasks that the HR executives would have to take care of regarding any important action concerning the staff. These forms are mostly accompanied by boxes at the side of each task which has to be ticked right or wrong on the basis of activities done or not. If you are too busy to design a HR checklist on your own, there are HR checklist templates with pre-defined checklists to help you out. You can also see Student Checklist Template.

HR Employee Orientation Checklist Template

If you are looking for a readymade list on what to do when an employee is recruited to your office, this HR checklist form here would be handy with its pre-designed checklist data.

HR Compliance Checklist

This HR compliance checklist is meant to help the HR managers in understanding their course of work regarding employees, be it in terms of hiring or firing- all in compliance with set regulations.

HR New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template

If the HR manager is looking for a guidebook on what steps to follow as he onboards a new employee, this HR checklist form would a cool with its essential sections on-payroll information, human resources and access information.

HR Policies Checklist Template

When the HR manager recruits a new employee, he would have to go a series of formalities and necessary steps to enlighten the employee about the company policies. This template will help you to understand which steps to follow here.

Employee Hiring HR Checklist

This HR checklist template covers everything you need to check as a HR manager as you hire a new employee, such as – the purpose of having a checklist, what to do within 3 days of hiring, what items are to be completed etc.

HR Checklist for Newly Hired Staff

There are various steps to follow and different notifications to provide to a worker as you hire a new employee and this template here guides you with an elaborate list of tasks lying ahead – as a new staff enters your company.

HR Staff Job Duties Checklist

When a new employee joins an office, he is handed over a list of tasks to follow and things to know to understand the company better. This template will help you with its pre-designed job duties for the new employees.

HR Checklist for Office Administration

This HR checklist offers a comprehensive roster on what are the things the HR manager needs to check with the employee while hiring a new employee-in regards to both office administration and maintaining a smooth operable ambience for the new recruit.

> How to use the HR checklist templates?

A HR checklist is one of the vital things you would need when it comes to taking any activity with an employee or the whole workforce. It could be that you are about to hire a new employee or have introduced a new T&C list in your company or are about to fire a staff. In all the cases, you would first need to assess both the employee and company needs simultaneously to ensure that the checklist template ensures a fair course of action for both the parties and is in accordance with the set regulations.

Then as you to perform the tasks, take the checklist with you and keep on ticking the boxes as you complete each task, one by one. To make the task easier, you can download and customize the readymade HR checklist templates.

What are the benefits of HR checklist templates?

A HR checklist is one the fundamental aides for the Human Resource executives in a company. The HR manager is required to perform a series of tasks regarding employee management and a busy person that he is- it is not uncommon for him to skip out on one or two of the tasks under pressure. The HR checklist templates are an amazing help here as they hand over a full list of activities to be performed by the HR executive, be it while hiring the employees or firing them or making them acquainted to company benefits or policies. When you have everything in writing before you, there is no chance to forget your tasks and you can simply tick on the checklist as you go on completing the tasks.

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