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9+ Free Instagram Post Templates

Instagram is now growing at a rocket speed while the young and adults are using it alike. According to survey reports, there are over 300 million active Instagram users around the world. Out of them, 75 million users use the app every day. This is why many popular brands such as Nike and BMW show immense interest in this social website. That is why Instagram icons are also much demanded. People love Instagram for its simplicity. We decided to bring you some interesting Instagram templates that you can use for that perfect Insta updates. Below are some Instagram templates for your use.

Business Investor Pro Instagram Post

This Investor Pro is a royalty-free and transferable template that you can use to attract investors for your new found company. In fact, you can consider this as your own strategy. We also have social media calendar templates as well, we hope you check them out.

Our Investment Instagram Post Template

This will be a surplus on Instagram. If you are not on Instagram, take this as your new sales channel and embark on this template. Let the social network spread your identity.

Instagram Fashion Hours Post

The motto of Instagram is clear: Mobile first! If you think that you are not gaining from M-platform, get yourself registered on Instagram and start your marketing with this theme. Also, check out our fashion catalog template to create some fantastic catalog.

Instagram Shop New Post

The advantage of Instagram lies in its simple operation for the users. There are only two posting formats: photo and video. Look at this template. You can use this for your online garment business.

Instagram Post Template for Lifestyle

Here is another valid template that brings your targeted customers to your own doorstep. After all, Instagram gives you more advantage to position your company in a good light.

Instagram Diesel Store Post

Is it becoming increasingly difficult for you to gain followers? Then use this template to build up your reach. There is no profit play behind this. It is absolutely free.

Travel Around the World Instagram Post

This contribution of ours helps you go very far on Instagram. Otherwise, it’s difficult to go high in a long run without any help. It demands scarce rework. To create travel related posters you can check our travel poster templates compilation.

Summer Vacation Instagram Post

What exactly is new about your new Instagram post? If nothing, save this. You can tell as many stories as possible with this Summer template. For all your purposes, you can use this.

> Why Instagram?

There are no pure text postings or link postings on Instagram. Links can be specified, but they are not clickable. Though there is a desktop version of Instagram available, it is only meant to look at the pictures or to follow new accounts and has no function to post pictures or videos directly from the Desktop on Instagram. But the reason why the world is considering Instagram is that topics such as nature, animals, sports, travel, fashion/beauty, lifestyle, photography, food, etc are very well represented on Instagram. If your company is having your own pictures to do marketing, it’s a well and good thing, but you can as well try the above templates.

> Uses and Benefits of Instagram Templates

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most highly utilized hubs for photographers and other creatives. Here you can snag custom and hand drawn graphics easily. Above are some Instagram templates that you will give credit for their creativity and designing skills. They are the ones that you will refer back to. Are you trying to make your Instagram account look unique and cohesive? Or are you offering grand discounts for your online shop this season? As a busy entrepreneur, you need to look at hundred things, but never neglect social media. Have a free copy & paste of these Instagram templates.

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