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13+ Free Agreement Templates

An agreement is signed between two or more parties who mutually decide the term and conditions of the template. There are many kinds of agreement most of which are legally binding and can be enforced in a court of law. Not everyone can prepare these agreement as there are many intricacies that have to be taken care of . Hence we have free agreement templates covering all the areas . You can download these templates to prepare your contract.

27+ FREE AGREEEMENT Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages

Confidentiality Agreement Template

A confidentiality agreement is also known as the non-disclosure agreement and confidential disclosure agreement. It is a legal document that restricts the two parties, involved in the agreement, from sharing confidential information, material with the third party. Both the parties agree to not disclose the covered information and protect the information from leakage.  You can download the free template for the agreement and save yourself from the trouble of creating one from your own.

Employee Agreement Template

This is another important agreement that every organization seeks to create. It is a formal agreement that takes place between the company, employer and the employee. It specifies the expectations of both the parties and also determines the contract period between the two.  The agreement can be tricky, for a hassle free execution download the free template.

Lease Agreement  Template

This is the most common agreement that people get indulged in. The agreement is a simple where a tenant and the landlord get into the contract and the state the terms and conditions for both apart from the rent and time duration.  In our lease agreement template we have mentioned all the important points keeping in mind the interest of both tenant and the landlord.

Loan Agreement Template

The loan agreement lists down the condition of the loans set between the lender and the borrower. To avoid any kind of confusion in the contract, we suggest you to try out free template for loan agreement.

Partnership Agreement Template

This is a business contract that is signed between business partners. The agreement lists the roles and responsibilities of all the partners along with the share and distribution of profit and loss. We have listed all the key aspects of the partnership agreement in the given free template. All you are required to do is click on the link and download the template and edit is as per your need.

Purchase Agreement Template

Consulting Agreement Template

Non Compete Agreement

Non Disclosure Agreement Template

Operating Agreement Template

Rental Agreement Template

Roommate Rental Agreement

As the name suggests the agreement is signed between two parties who have decided to share a property as roommates. The agreement can be tricky and there are many important points that should be kept in mind. Hence we have our free template to make things easy for you.

Service Agreement Template

Service Level Agreement Template

Sub Lease Agreement Template

The sublease agreement is signed between the landlord and the original tenant and a subtenant. It is signed when the original tenant decides to sublease the rental property to the subtenant. In the sublease agreement the original tenant becomes the sub-landlord.

These templates are can be easily downloaded from the given links. You don’t have to make any purchase since they are available for free and you can be sure about the quality of the agreement content.

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