10+ Free Time Sheet Templates

A timesheet template, as the name suggests, is a document that holds an account of the time spent for a certain job. It could be a single job or a job schedule conducted over a month or a week or two weeks. Daily timesheet templates are also available when you have to keep record of the hours deployed for the daily tasks. Do you have to design timesheet templates? Well, you can make the work easier by using the pre-designed timesheet templates.

Daily Time Sheet Template


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This daily timesheet template will be helpful when you are looking to have a checklist of the different clients you have to serve- along with the tasks you have to do for each and the respective appointment times.

Monthly Time Sheet Template


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If you are looking to have a record on the hours deployed by your employees for each project of each client over a mont, this monthly timesheet template would be thing for you.

Sample Contractor Time Sheet Template


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Lawyer Time Sheet Template


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Individual Consultant Time Sheet Template


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Attorney Time Sheet

This attorney time sheet would be really cool when a lawyer wants to keep tab on the time taken for different for different projects in his firm. The timesheet also documents the name of the clerk helping the attorney.

Bi-Weekly Time Sheet Template

This bi-weekly timesheet template will help you to keep record on the time invested by your employees in the office with its columns on total hours, regular hours, overtime hours as well as leaves for sickness or holidays.

Construction Time Sheet

This construction timesheet would allow you to maintain a record of the time taken for each of your projects with its different categories on the project, start time, stop time, hours taken, etc.

Employee Timesheet Template

The employee timesheet here enables you to have an idea on the total hours worked by your employees, say over a month- including data on both regular hours and overtime hours.https://www.template.net/editable/3458/sample-pay-stub

Hourly Timesheet Template

This hourly timesheet template will allow you to have a record of the hours worked by your employee for 2 weeks. The template also counts in sections for sick leaves, annual leaves, and other leaves.

Weekly Time Sheet Template

When you have to maintain an account of the number of hours worked by your employee over a week, look no further than this template. The document also has columns for leaves.

How to use a Time Sheet Template?

Anybody who is looking to have a record of the number of hours worked or the total time deployed for a certain task or project, he/she would need a timesheet template. To use a timesheet template, one would have to make sections on the number of hours to be worked, the overtime hours, and the leaves for each project or task. Then, the sections are to be filled with the pertinent data gathered by observing the time devoted by the employees on the task/tasks. The timesheet template would be later checked while deciding the payment of the staff or how many leaves are to be allowed later on.

> What are the Advantages and Benefits of Timesheet template?

The prime benefit of a timesheet template is that it gives you a clear idea on how much time you or your staff have deployed in the tasks. This way, one will have a thorough understanding of the total hours spent on work and whether the people involved have worked overtime. Most of the timesheets also contain columns for leaves taken by the employees which in turn help the employers to calculate whether or not a particular staff has given the required amount of time needed from him/her by the company. Such a timesheet is really helpful when the employee’s payment is determined by the number of hours worked.

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