How to Add a Calendar to Google Calendar

Google Calendar lets you create personalized calendars that you can insert and sort anytime. So sit back and relax as this article teaches you the easy steps on how to add a calendar to Google Calendar like a pro. how-to-add-a-calendar-to-google-calendar

How to Add a Calendar to Google Calendar

  • Step 1: Prepare a New Calendar on Your Google Calendar Page


    Start creating a new calendar by opening your Google Calendar main page in a web browser. Click on the plus (+) icon next to the “Other Calendars” label, then select the “Create new calendar” option in the dropdown list. After giving your new calendar a name and description, click on the “Create calendar” button to finalize.

  • Step 2: View Your New Calendar in the Calendar Lists

    On your Google Calendar main page, you can find the My Calendars and Other Calendars lists in the left panel. Expand these lists by clicking on the arrows next to their respective labels. Show or hide your new calendar by clicking on its name in one of the lists.

  • Step 3: Give Your New Calendar an Associated Color


    Expand the “My calendars” list in the left panel and locate your new calendar. Next to the calendar’s name, open the options menu and select one of the premade colors or click on the plus (+) icon to choose a custom color.

  • Step 4: Change Your New Calendar’s Name

    Find your new calendar in the “My calendars” list. Open the options list next to the calendar’s label and select “Settings and Sharing” from the dropdown list. Use the Name field at the top of the window to change your new calendar’s name.

How do I delete an added calendar in Google Calendar?

If you change your mind or have no more use for your added calendar, you can simply click on the X next to the calendar’s name in the list and confirm the deletion.

How do I add an existing event to my calendar in Google Calendar?

Click on the event in the calendar field and select the pencil icon (on top) in the popup menu. At the bottom of the Event Details section, you can select the desired calendar.

How do I add someone else’s calendar to my Google Calendar page?

To subscribe to a user’s calendar, click on the plus (+) icon next to the “Other calendars” label and select “Subscribe to calendar.” Enter the user’s email address into the “Add calendar” field to send a request or immediately subscribe.