How to Add or Change Colours in Google Calendar

Whether you personalize colors in Google Calendar for aesthetic or organizational purposes, you can change these colors anytime. And you can explore lots of other shades in the color spectrum by adding or changing Google Calendar colors, as discussed in this tutorial. how-to-add-or-change-colours-in-google-calendar

How to Add or Change Colours in Google Calendar

  • Step 1: Add a Color to a New Event in Google Calendar


    On your Google Calendar main page, click on a date in the calendar field to open a small popup window. Near the bottom of the popup, use the dropdown list next to the calendar name to select your desired color. Alternatively, double-click on a date to open a similar page to create a new event and select a color.

  • Step 2: Change the Color of an Existing Event in Google Calendar

    Open Google Calendar in your web browser and locate the intended event in the calendar field. Click on the event before selecting the “Edit event” option at the top of the popup window to open the editing page, then select the desired color under the Event Details section. You can also open the editing page by double-clicking on the event.

  • Step 3: Assign a Color to a Calendar on Your Google Calendar Page


    Go to your Google Calendar main page and locate the desired calendar in the “My calendars” list or “Other calendars” list (expand a list by clicking on its label). Find the calendar in the list and open its options list by clicking on the three dots, then select a color at the bottom. Click on the plus (+) icon to set a custom color.

Will changing a calendar color in Google Calendar affect its events in the calendar field?

Yes, changing a calendar color automatically changes its events in the calendar field.

Can I use the same color for two separate calendars on my Google Calendar page?

Yes, it’s possible to have different calendars share the same color in Google Calendar.

Can I change the color of tasks and reminders on my Google Calendar page?

You can use the “My calendars” section in the left panel to set colors for tasks and reminders.