How to Change Cell Size in Google Sheets

Changing cell size in Google Sheets can help you adjust the space needed for your data and content. Find out more on how to do it right here. how-to-change-cell-size-in-google-sheets

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How to Change Cell Size in Google Sheets

  • Step 1. Select the Cell


    When you are adding content to Google Sheets, its size may be too small to fit within the set space within the file. Perhaps it is a long number or a sentence. For example, you might be working on a Budget form for a corporation where a lot of money is involved. To get started with changing the size, you can move your cursor to the cell in which you want to change the size and right-click it.

  • Step 2. Move Cursor to the Cell’s Axis Headers


    When you select the cell you wish to change the size of, move your cursor either to the Rows or Columns header where the letters numbers are. Note that this means you will be changing either the row or column of where the cell is located.

  • Step 3. Hold the Cursor


    When you move your cursor to the header, move your cursor to the border specifically. Move it a bit and wait till the cursor changes from a pointer to an arrow/triangle depending on your display in Google Sheets.

  • Step 4. Drag the Borders


    To change the size of the cell(s) drag the borders of the Rows or Columns header to expand it or shorten it. You can drag the borders closer to each other to shorten them or far from each other to make them longer or bigger. As mentioned above, you will be changing the rest of the row or columns along too.

  • Step 5. Move the Borders


    If you want to readjust its size to perfectly fit around your content, you can just move the borders back and forth whether it is the Row or Column header. If you are making an Inventory on Google Sheets, this may be ideal since you might need to adjust the space for your written content.

Can I Resize a Cell even if I already changed it?

Yes, you can resize any cell you want as many times as you like.

Is there a Shortcut Key in changing the size of a cell in Google Sheets?

There is no Shortcut Key to change the size in Google Sheets.

Can I resize multiple cells at the same time?

If the cells are in different rows and columns, you won’t be able to resize them at the same time. You have to change them in each row or column one at a time. However, if they are in the exact same row/column then you can resize them all in one go.

Can I change the size of a Cell in Google Sheets without affecting the rows?

No. Changing one cell means you will change the size of the whole row or column depending on which heading you are dragging the cursor.

How can I change the size of the cell without affecting a whole row or column in Google Sheets?

Merging cells can alter the size of a cell without affecting the columns or rows. However you are not directly resizing the cell, rather just merging them into one and changing its size appearance.