How to Conduct Online Test Using Google Classroom

Save paper and let students take tests even at home with Google Classroom’s online testing feature. And this tutorial gives you access on how to conduct online tests using Google Classroom. how-to-conduct-online-test-using-google-classroom-01

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How to Conduct Online Test Using Google Classroom

  • Step 1: Sign In With Your Account


    Log in to Google Classroom using your authorized and verified G Suite for Education or personal Google Account. If you don’t have an available account to sign in with, you can visit the Google website to create a new account. For those who are using the school’s account, make sure that you are logging in to the system with the correct details.

  • Step 2: Create a Quiz Assignment


    To generate your Google quiz form, go to your Classwork tab from the dashboard and click the Create button. Choose the Quiz Assignment from the drop-down menu. When the Quiz Assignment pop-up box appears on your screen, enter important details such as title, grades, and instructions.

  • Step 3: Create or Upload a Google Form


    Click the “+” sign just below the instruction box and choose Google Forms. You will be redirected to another tab with an open Google Form questionnaire. You can now enter the questions for your test and customize the settings according to your preference. You can add options if you want a multiple-answer quiz as well. Save your forms and go back to Google Classroom. The quiz will automatically appear on the quiz assignment box or if not, locate the forms in the Google Drive to upload them.

  • Step 4: Open Google Meet


    If you want to do an online test through a virtual face-to-face method, you can use the Google Meet video functions in your Google Classroom. On your dashboard, you will find the link to Google Meet exclusive to your class along with its code. Click the Google Meet button to open the tool and copy the link to paste to your stream board for the students to see.

Can I conduct an online test on Google Meet for more than an hour?

Yes, you can. You won’t have to worry about going offline since there’s no time limit to conducting virtual classes using the tool. You just have to consider the streaming power of your Internet connection though, as this might affect your classes especially when an examination is going on.

Why do I see an error warning when I opened my quiz assignment on Google Classroom?

This issue might be because your gadget won’t allow you to open the forms since they are incompatible. Check your gadget’s OS version or ask your teacher since it is also possible that the problem is with Google Forms itself.

Can I use Google Meet on my mobile?

Yes, you can. Google Meet is compatible with upgraded gadgets and desktops, so you won’t have any problem opening it when you want to conduct online tests or join an examination online.