How to Create a Form Using Google Forms

Google Forms is a survey administrative platform and an information-gathering tool that can be used for all sorts of forms, such as online tests, quizzes, feedback, survey forms, and others. Read the full article to know more today! how-to-create-a-form-using-google-forms-01

How to Create a Form Using Google Forms

  • Step 1: Log In to Your Google Account


    A Google Account is needed to access all Google apps including Google Forms, if you already have one then log in, if not sign up.

  • Step 2: Go to Forms


    There are two options to open Google Forms, first is to click the Google apps icon at the top-right corner of your Google Homepage and click the purple looking document or the Forms icon, the second is to search “Google Forms” on the search bar and click Google Forms, and third is to download and open the app.

  • Step 3: Click “Blank” to Start a New Form


    Choose “Blank” if you wish to work with a skeleton form. “Blank” is found on the upper left side of your screen.

  • Step 4: Choose a Template


    If you wish to start a form using a template, go to Template Gallery and click on your preferred templates. The template gallery is equipped with templates for personal, work, and educational use.

  • Step 5: Name Your Form


    Change “Untitled Form” into the title of your form to get started, and add a form description to complete the basics.

  • Step 6: Customize Form


    Customize your form by clicking on the paint palette icon to choose your preferred form color, upload a header, choose a background color, and the font style.

  • Step 7: Start Adding Question


    Start typing in your questions, and make use of the side menu bar to add images or videos, or any other details for your question.

  • Step 8: Choose Mode of Answering


    There are eleven options to choose from for the modes of answering the question. The default mode is multiple-choice, but you have the liberty to choose among short answers, paragraphs, multiple-choice, checkboxes, drop-down, file upload, linear scale, multiple choice grid, checkbox grid, date, and time.

  • Step 9: Manage Questions

    The question section is composed of different features and functions. There is a duplicate button, “Required” switch, and delete button on the downright side of the section. More settings can be found on the side menu bar of the section.

  • Step 10: Send Forms


    Manage the sending of your form on the “Send” button located at the top-right corner of your Google Forms page. After clicking the “Send” button, choose between sending the link via email, shareable link, or embed HTML.

How do I add collaborators in Google Forms?

Google Forms allows collaboration among different individuals simultaneously. You can edit, customize, and create Google Forms together by simply clicking the “Add Collaborators” in the settings.

Is Google Forms free?

As long as you have your Google account, you have the freedom to enjoy using Google Forms and its functions for free.

What are my options in sending my forms?

After making your form, you may go to the “Send” button and choose among the three options, send via email, shareable link, or embed HTML.