How to Create Assignments and Materials for Students on Google Classroom

Do you want to help students make assignments and materials on Google Classroom without hassle? This simple tutorial has you covered in accomplishing it conveniently. how-to-create-assignments-and-materials-for-students-on-google-classroom-01

How to Create Assignments and Materials for Students on Google Classroom

  • Step 1: Sign In With Your Account


    To access your Google Classroom classes, you need to sign in using authorized G Suite and personal Google accounts. If you have no account yet, you can visit the Google website on your browser and create an account. If you have an available account but having a hard time logging in, contact your Google Classroom administrator or Google Help Desk.

  • Step 2: Go To Classwork Tab and Click Create


    To start giving out assignments or materials, click the Classwork tab beside the Stream tab. On the Classwork tab, you will find the Create button with a “+” sign. Click it and a drop-down menu will appear, giving you 6 options including Assignment and Material. Choose the option that suits your activity for the day.

  • Step 3: Provide Assignment or Material Details


    Upon creating your assignment or materials, you will be asked to write down some information including the working title and instructions for your student. On the right side of your screen, you will see more options such as the due date, rubrics, and plagiarism checker. Provide the needed data and click Assign. You can also add Youtube links, forms, and other materials by clicking the links below your screen.

  • Step 4: Schedule Your Assignment or Material Post


    If you want to create an assignment in advance, you can do so by clicking the down arrow beside the Assign button and choose Schedule. Put the date and time when you would want the post to go live and click the Schedule button to finish your task.

Why cannot I post an assignment?

If you are not the primary teacher of the class, you won’t be able to post anything as you might be restricted by the system administrator. You need to ask the teacher first for permission or wait until you become the next primary teacher.

The class has been archived. Can I still see old assignments or materials?

You can go to Google Drive and look for the assignment or materials of the old, archived, or deleted classes.

I have problems scheduling an assignment or posting materials on my mobile.

If you are using Google Classroom on the go, i.e., using mobiles and tablets, chances are you are experiencing app problems or Internet connectivity issues. Check your gadget compatibility with the app first. Or, find a spot where the Internet data signal is very strong.