How to Delete/Remove a Class In Google Classroom

Get rid of unwanted classes in Google Classroom in just several steps. This comprehensive how-to article teaches you the process of deleting or removing a class in Google Classroom. remove-a-class-in-google-classroom-01

How to Delete/Remove a Class In Google Classroom

  • Step 1: Sign In With Your Account


    To access your Google Classroom dashboard, sign in using your authorized G Suite or personal Google account. If you do not have an account, you can create one and have it verified. For the G Suite users, kindly ask the administrator or your school head to give you the login details. For mobile users, download the app first and then enter your account.

  • Step 2: Archive a Class


    The first step in deleting a class is to archive it. Go to your dashboard and click the class card which you are about to remove from your roster. Find the three dots just right above it and click Archive.

  • Step 3: Deleting a Class


    If you have finished archiving the class, you can go directly to the Archived Class menu and search for the class card that you want to remove. Click the three dots and choose Delete. A warning box will appear telling you what would happen upon deletion. To continue with your task, click Delete. The class card will automatically disappear in the Archived Class section.

What happens when I delete a class?

When you delete a class, you and your students will not be able to see the class card in your dashboard anymore. Furthermore, you cannot restore them, but you can access the files related to them by accessing Google Drive.

I’m a teacher but cannot delete a class. What is happening?

If you are the primary teacher and is unable to delete a class, you should check your Internet connection or any restriction from the administrator’s side. If you are a co-teacher, unless the primary teacher transfers to you the ownership of the class, you cannot remove a class.

Can a student remove a class?

No, students are not allowed to delete or remove a class. Only a teacher can remove a class in Google Classroom.