How to Download / Convert / Save Google Docs to PDF

Are there other ways to optimize Google Docs files? Indeed! And don’t get confused the next time you download, convert, or save Google Docs files into PDF by following this easy-to-follow tutorial. save-google-docs-to-pdf

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How to Download / Convert / Save Google Docs to PDF Download

How to Download / Convert / Save Google Docs to PDF

  • Step 1: Visit the Google Docs Site


    Go to to reach Google Docs. And you will be asked to sign in to your Google account to access it. Once you are signed in, either create a new document by selecting the “+” sign or open an existing Google Docs file found on the recent documents below your screen.


  • Step 2: Download the File in PDF Version


    Create a Google Docs. And on the document you made or opened, move your cursor to the upper left menu bar. Click “File” and scroll down to press “Download.” Under the download menu, select “PDF Document (.pdf)” and the document will be downloaded in PDF version shortly.

  • Step 3: Save PDF to Google Drive

    Do you want to save a PDF version to Google Drive? Google Docs also makes it possible for you. Click “File” once again but this time, proceed to select “Print.” A popup window appears and you can see a drop-down menu on the right side of “Destination.” Tap it, select “Save to Google Drive,” and press “Save” to make it happen.

  • Step 4: Save or Share a Google Doc as a PDF via Mobile


    The steps given earlier are recommended for documents in Google Docs using the computer. Now how about if you use Google Docs on mobile? If you want to save or share a Google Doc as a PDF using IOS or Android, it is also super easy to accomplish. First, open the Google Docs app. Next, press the three dots found on the right side of your screen. Then, click “Share and export.” Just click “Save as” to have it saved to your phone or select “Send a copy” followed by “PDF” to share it.

  • Step 5: Email a Google Doc as a PDF


    You can certainly share or email a document in Google Docs as a PDF version. First, open the specific document you want to share. Then, select “File” from the menu. Next, click “Email” followed by “Email this file.” A popup window appears where you can type in every email address you want to send the file to. You can insert a subject and a body to your email as well. The drop-down menu at the bottom should be “PDF” until you can hit “Send.” And that is how you email a PDF version.

Why can’t I download my Google Doc as a PDF?

Not being able to download a Google Doc as a PDF could be caused by using an outdated version of Chrome, involving illegal file permissions, or compatibility issues from extensions.

How do I combine multiple Google Docs into one?

You can merge Google Docs into one by opening it on Google Drive. Select the gear shift found at the top and select “Settings.” Then, click “Manage apps” and tap the link above “Connect more apps.” Next, press “Merge” when the list of documents is seen. And that is how you convert multiple documents instead of just to convert a single document.

What other formats are supported by Google Docs besides PDF?

Aside from PDF, other formats supported by Google Docs include Microsoft Word, OpenDocument Format, Rich Text Format, Plain Text, Web Page, and EPUB Publication.

Is there a website that contains Google Docs templates?

Yes, go to for a list of customizable Google Docs templates you can use.