How to Download Google Slides in All Supported File Formats

You can easily download your Google Slides presentation in your preferred format. Check out this guide we’ve prepared so you can start downloading. how-to-download-google-slides-in-all-supported-file-formats-01

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How to Download Google Slides in All Supported File Formats

  • Step 1: Open Your Saved Google Slides Presentation

    Using your preferred web browser, be it Chrome or Firefox, launch Google Slides by entering on the address bar. Once you’re on the homepage of the platform, you’ll see some of your saved Google Slides presentations in Google Drive. Click on one that you want to download. Create a Google Slides presentation if you have none saved.

  • Step 2: Open the File Menu and Go to Download

    Once you’ve opened your saved presentation, you can start the process. Open the File menu found on the menu bar. It’s right below the presentation title. Click it to make its drop-down menu appear which contains the Download option. Hover your cursor over Download.

  • Step 3: Click All Options Under Download

    To download your presentation in all supported file formats, select all of the options available under Download. You can download Google Slides in Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF Document, ODP Document, and more. Your presentation will be downloaded to your computer in just a few seconds. You’ll then have a copy of a Google Slides file offline. This process works both for Google Slides & Drawings.

In what formats can I download my Google Slides files?

You can download your Google Slides files in the following supported formats:

Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)

ODP Document (.odp)

PDF Document (.pdf)

Plain Text (.txt)

JPEG Image (.jpg)

PNG Image (.png)

Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)

Will downloading Google Slides in JPEG and PNG include the entire presentation?

Downloading Google Slides in JPEG and PNG will not include the entire presentation. It’ll only download a file image of the current slide you’re working actively on.

Will the speaker notes be included when downloading?

Yes, the speaker notes you added will be included when downloading your Google Slides presentation.