How to Export/Convert/Download Google Slides as PDF

Want to view your business presentations in PDF? If you do, read our easy step-by-step guide below to get started. how-to-export-convert-download-google-slides-as-pdf

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How to Export/Convert/Download Google Slides as PDF Download

How to Export/Convert/Download Google Slides as PDF

  • Step 1: Open Any of Your Google Slides Presentations


    Enter the homepage of Google Slides by going to on your browser. On the homepage, find your saved Google Slides presentation stored in Google Drive. Open it to start. Create a new Google Slides presentation if you have no saved file.

  • Step 2: Go to Print Settings and Preview


    Once you’ve opened a presentation, go to File and head to Print Settings and Preview. You can find it at the bottom parts of the File drop-down menu. It’s right next to Page Setup.

  • Step 3: Make Speaker Notes Appear and Set Number of Slides Per Page


    Once you’re in the Print Settings and Preview panel, click the drop-down menu beside the Close Preview button. In that menu, make your speaker notes appear by selecting the Slides with Notes option. And also, set the number of slides per page under Handout. It could be one slide per page or more. In this step, you’re also basically setting up how the presentation looks after being printed with a printer.

  • Step 4: Click Download as PDF


    When everything is set, you can then click the Download as PDF option on the toolbar to save Google Slides as PDF. In doing so, your Google Slides presentation will immediately be downloaded, exported, and converted to PDF. It’ll be saved on your Windows or Mac computer. You can also download Google Slides in all supported file formats.

Can I download Google Slides as PDF without going to print preview settings?

Yes, you can. Just go to File, go to Download, and select PDF Document (.pdf).

What other formats can Google Slides be converted to?

Your Google Slides presentation can also be converted to the following formats:

Microsoft PowerPoint

ODP Document

Plain Text

JPEG Image

PNG Image

Scalable Vector Graphics

Can I hide the background before converting to PDF?

Yes, you can hide your slide’s background before converting/downloading it as a PDF file. On the Print Settings and Preview panel, click Hide Background on the toolbar.